Regional Fundraising Strategy Consultancy Opportunity in Kenya

Habitat for Humanity

Position Title: Regional Fundraising Strategy Consultant

Terms of Reference for Consultant (ToR)

This document is to serve as a Terms of Reference (TOR) between Habitat for Humanity International Africa Area Office (HFH-Africa) and the consultant. The purpose of the document is to define the responsibilities of the consultant and the deliverables of the work in coordination with Habitat-Africa Vice President-Africa Area Office and HFHI-VP-Global Foundations, Organizations & Institutions (GFOI)


The housing deficit in Africa is large and growing; 238 m people live in slums (from the Diagnostic Report that was prepared by the Africa Strategic Framework development consultants – Dalberg) the affordability gap is larger than any other region, and land rights tenure and governance remains stubbornly subpar globally. Moreover, shocks and stressors such as clime change, and resulting migration are prevalent in Africa, sustaining housing inequity across the content.

Although Habitat for Humanity International (HFHI) has reached over the last 5 years has been significant (1.5m. individuals), two thirds of this have been in awareness raising in a single country, and much of the effort and focus is on small scale individual housing projects. The current scale of impact is behind HFH-Africa Area Office aspirations and is a small segment of the housing deficit and needs across Africa.

The new HFH-Africa strategy is a unique opportunity to extend ambition, use new ways of working, and elevate capabilities “In Africa, through Africa and with Africa”. HFHI-Africa will need to consider the ‘models’ of engagement, where capabilities should be built (‘layers’), and the action plan (‘pillars’). Moreover, there are critical capabilities and decision-making structures for HFH-Africa that would facilitate the realization of the vision through the regional strategic pillars.

  1. Objective

Develop a comprehensive long term HFH-Africa fundraising strategy which is in alignment with the recently developed Africa Regional Strategy and Operational Framework which was launched May 12th 2022. The objective of this work is to develop a HFH Africa Fundraising Strategy to identify and inform HFHI-Africa Area Office, African National Offices, Global Fundraising Network, including US, Netherlands, GB, Germany, Ireland, Canada, South Korea, Australia and Area Office Fundraisers. The strategy will incorporate Professional Foundations, Institutional donors, Major Gifts and Corporate. The Strategy will inform the Africa Area Office of major gifts/corporate/Professional Foundations/ Organizations/Institutional donors (FOI) in Africa including but not limited to Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Ethiopia, Zambia, Malawi, Lesotho, South Africa and Cote d’Ivoire

The consultant will work with HFH fundraising teams (US, Global Fundraising network (GFNs-GB, GFOI, Netherlands, Germany, Ireland, South Korea and other GFNs) and EME Area Office fundraisers, each of these teams will provide sound knowledge of existing and prospect donors, their preferred geographies, themes, and preferred developmental approach/strategies and through discussions/workshop will contribute to the HFH Africa fundraising strategy. The strategy will also reflect what fundraisers need to raise funds e.g. communication materials, key speakers, technical staff etc. The national offices will receive training on building fundraising consortiums and skills to lead the pre-award process to access Institutional funding such as proposal and concept writing, speaking to donors, reporting etc)

The HFH Africa Fundraising Strategy is expected to be aligned with the Africa Regional Strategy and Operational Framework and setting multiyear high value and strategic funding targets, determining the right amount, and timing. The Strategy will show how funds raised are helping the African national offices become more sustainable and portfolio stabilized.

Key deliverables by the Consultant with support from key representatives from fundraising teams: (GFOI, GFNs, Major Gifts, Corporate) and from the 2 sponsors:

An HFH-Africa fundraising strategy for the Regional and African National Offices, the strategy should inform where HFH fundraising network where time and energy should be mostly spent and inform us the potential to raise the most funding.

  • Identify and recommend diversified range of donors who can provide different amounts at different points of a program/project implementation which shows regional, local as well as international and is disaggregated by key thematic areas of NOs and the global program framework
  • Guidance on building coalitions that build P4s (Public Private Partnership & People)
  • Reflect multiyear fundraising which reflects funding targets for each NO and the accountabilities between various functions/o0ffices/entities and reflects a strong integrated approach.
  • Map out key stakeholders and potential partners?
  • How to build coalitions for institutional awards
  • How NOs work with host government relating to fundraising.
  • What all fundraisers need from the Africa Area Office /National Offices to reach the fundraising goal
  • Recommendations/Action Plans for AFR AO, NOs, international fundraisers
  • Roles and Responsibilities: Africa Area Office/National Offices/Fundraisers/Communication, the consultant will support the process by defining the key stakeholder roles that would play a critical role in Africa Fundraising.
  • Launch the HFH-Africa Fundraising Strategy starting with 2 presentations – 1 to all African National Offices and 2nd one to all relevant fundraisers (Europe, US)
  • Donor mapping and analysis and draft a comprehensive report which includes but not limited to:
    • List of donors including bilateral and multilateral donors, foundations, and companies whose strategies supports housing
    • Donors’ key thematic/ focus areas and their relevance to housing work and strategic plan
    • Donors’ key opportunities, their funding schedule/timeframe, and size of funding
    • Donors’ COVID-19 related interventions and opportunities for housing
  • Conduct an in-depth regional stakeholder mapping and analysis and draft a comprehensive report of list of relevant stakeholders and their ranking in terms of influence, power, and interest.
  1. Timeframe of deliverables – a 3-month contract, timeframe for each activity will be provided by the consultant


  • Review documents- Desk Study of all relevant documents, e.g. fundraisers Africa pipelines, Africa Strategy and Framework, WASH strategies capacity statements, donor research etc. by Consultant (supported by Africa Team, NOs and HFH fundraising network.
  • Interviews- Key internal stakeholder interviews and Key external stakeholder interviews (donors, PEERs). by the consultant (supported by Africa Team, NOs, HFH fundraising network


  • Network mapping- Plotting existing relationships between existing internal and external stakeholders to understand existing circle of influence. By the Consultant.


  • Strategy- Develop final Strategy narrative (2 DRAFTS for review then FINAL), by the consultant.
  • Strategy Action Plans- Fill in strategy action plans for fundraisers, regional and national offices, by the consultantMILESTONE 4
  • Presentations- Africa Regional (AO, NOs, Fundraising Team), by the Consultant.
  1. Cooperation

Consultant will work closely with 2 sponsors VP, African Area Office and VP, Global FOI

  1. Minimum Requirement and Competencies
  • Demonstrable prior experience in conducting business development and fundraising consultancy in the not-for-profit sector.
  • University degree preferably in marketing, communications, or development-related studies.
  • At least ten years’ experience in developing and implementing fundraising strategies.
  • Experience in partnership development financing.
  • Advanced University degree in non-profit management, international relations/development, business, or related field.
  • Excellent communication skills including in presentations, report writing and research.
  1. Level of effort

The contract for the work is milestone-based payment that requires the consultant’s best effort to complete the job as specified. It is expected that the consultant will have access to available data and open sources, as additional funds for intercity travel, hotel and per diem expenses will not be available as part of the assignment. Continuous consultation is expected during the whole period of the assignment through email exchanges and Microsoft Team calls.

The consultant is expected to submit a technical and financial proposal.

  1. Ownership & Copyright

HHFI will be the legal owner and copyright holder of the report and all intellectual information, data and intelligence associated with this report; whilst acknowledging the role and contribution of the consultant.

  1. Payment

The payment milestones will be as follows:

  1. First tranche – 10% upon submission and approval of workplan.
  2. Second tranche- 40% upon submission of the draft report.
  3. Third tranche- 50% upon submission and acceptance of the final report.

How to apply

Application Process and Closing date for applications.

The Request for Applications will be advertised across all of Habitat’s usual channels for promotion including its website, industry websites and through its network of staff and supporters.

Applications will be accepted through March 3rd, 2023.

Questions and applications should be sent to: indicating on the subject line

Consultant- HFHI Africa Regional Fundraising Strategy