Request for Proposal for a Rapporteur during AGECS Global Learning Event in Mombasa Pride Inn, Kenya

Aga Khan Foundation 

Request for Proposal for a Rapporteur during AGECS Global Learning Event in Mombasa Pride Inn.


The Aga Khan Foundation (AKF) is a leading global development organization working to tackle the root causes of poverty. For more than 50 years, we have helped create strong community institutions that support sustainable, locally driven initiatives to improve the lives of millions of people. Rooted in Africa, Asia and the Middle East, our staff have unique insights into the complex challenges people face today as well as the opportunities for tomorrow. By combining local knowledge with global best practices, we strive to bring about transformative and long-lasting improvements to quality of life. Taking a generational approach, AKF has built the trust required to do this work even in the most fragile contexts.

The Aga Khan Foundation is organizing a Global Learning Event for one of its program titled Advancing Gender Equality through Civil Society (AGECS) scheduled to take place in Mombasa, Kenya, from February 12-16, 2024 at Pride Inn Paradise Hotel Mombasa. The AGECS Global Learning Workshop aims to bring together all AGECS partners, including local CSOs, universities, researchers, and AKDN partners from Africa and Asia, with the following key objectives:

1. Encourage peer-to-peer learning by facilitating the sharing of experiences, reflecting on evidence, exchanging strategies, and identifying opportunities for capacity strengthening. The focus will be on empowering CSOs through growth and development in the field of gender discourse.

2. Provide an opportunity to assess AGECS implementation progress, share challenges, and explore potential solutions to be integrated into the remaining project timeline.

3. Foster a sense of community and solidarity among AGECS partners globally, with a particular emphasis on CSO partners.

4. Showcase and learn from research funded through AGECS.

This TOR outlines deliverables and responsibilities for Rapporteurs to be hired for notetaking for the 2024 Global Learning Event, hosted by Aga Khan Foundation.

  1. Title: Rapporteur
  2. Host Organization: Aga Khan Foundation
  3. Location: Pride Inn Paradise Hotel, Mombasa, Kenya
  4. Duration: 5 days; February 12 – 16
  5. Positions to be filled: at least a team of three Rapporteurs.

Summary of the Consultancy

The objective of this Consultancy is to support the documentation of the AGECS Global Learning Workshop which brings together a total of 120 guests from different countries. The Workshop will have plenary and 3 breakaway sessions for most of the days including a field visit to four different locations within Mombasa. Rapporteurs will provide written documentation (a full report) of event proceedings and meeting notes from plenary and break away sessions. They will format this information in a clear and concise manner, highlighting key themes and action items discussed during Event activities such as panel discussions, workshops, partner consultations, and other meeting proceedings.


  • Facilitate the production of accurate and concise reports for the workshop for internal circulation among organizers and participants.
  • Present a draft report for the whole event to AKF for feedbacking.
  • Work with AKF key focal points to incorporate feedback received from AKF and submit a summary report and a full detailed report of the workshop.

Key deliverables:

  • Global Learning Workshop Report capturing key information for the 5 days program.
  • A high-level summary report of the workshop proceedings.

Qualifications and Experience:

The Rapporteurs could be individuals or an institution that must demonstrate the following:

  • Demonstrated experience as a rapporteur consultant, adept at capturing and summarizing key discussions, decisions, and outcomes of various meetings and events preferably for international conferences and workshops.
  • Proven ability to work across diverse sectors, adapting to different subject matters and stakeholder groups around gender equality and development work
  • Comprehensive understanding of meeting dynamics, allowing for the effective facilitation of discussions and the production of high-quality reports.
  • Skilled in active listening, capturing key points, and discerning critical information during live interactions.
  • Ability to interpret, transcribe and synthesize speeches, presentations, and discussions accurately and in a culturally sensitive manner, conveying the intended message of the speaker.
  • Strong report writing skills, with the ability to convey complex information in a clear and understandable manner.
  • Exceptional drafting and editing capabilities, ensuring reports are accurate, comprehensive, and tailored to the audience.
  • Experience in producing reports that meet professional standards and deadlines.
  • Strong analytical skills for synthesizing diverse viewpoints, identifying trends, and drawing meaningful conclusions.
  • Detail-oriented approach to ensure accuracy and completeness in all documentation.
  • Familiarity with relevant technologies for virtual and in-person meetings, including video conferencing tools and document collaboration platforms.
  • Comfortable using various software for document creation, editing, and sharing.
  • Capacity to adapt to changing circumstances, ensuring flexibility in approach and responsiveness to evolving meeting requirements.
  • Willingness to adhere to ethical standards and confidentiality in handling sensitive information.

How to apply

III. Quotes Submission:

Interested agencies are requested to submit their details (CVs, copies of similar work done and daily rates) by February 2nd 2024. Quotes should be sent to

Quotes Requirements:

The proposal should include the following elements:

  1. CVs for the Rapporteurs
  2. Where applicable a profile of the institution including its history, experience, and relevant certifications.
  3. Copies of similar work done
  4. Daily consultancy rates and payment terms
  5. Any other additional information that may be relevant

Commitment to Gender Equality and Safeguarding

Gender Equality is a priority of the above TOR in support of this event. All rapporteurs will be expected to follow an appropriate code of conduct in line with the values of AKF and priorities of AGECS in promoting gender equality and women and girls’ empowerment.

AKF recognizes the importance of safeguarding and is committed to ensuring it manages a wide range of risks such that beneficiaries, staff, other associated, and the organization are kept safe from harm. In instances where sensitive topics are discussed by marginalized or at-risk individuals during any portion of Event activities, rapporteurs should take steps to conceal and protect the identity of anyone who may be detrimentally impacted by their personal information becoming widely known