Personal and Business Banking Job Vacancy in Kenya

Position Title: Personal and Business Banking

Our Client, a leading  Bank, s seeking to recruit suitable candidates for the following position.

Job function:                Personal and Business Banking

Job Category:               Retail Banking

Reports to:                   Asset Custodian/HSS

Job purpose description - Provide a consistently high quality front-line transaction service to customers encompassing the cashing of cheques and other items, acceptance of deposits and the provision of change, understand the risks associated with the control and handling of cash and maintain effective controls to manage these risks. Maintain a high level of integrity and ethical standards.

Key Responsibilities

Output group 1 - Provide cash and cheque services to customers.

Outputs and measures

  • Serve Customers by attending to cheque encashments, withdrawals and deposits according to laid down procedures.
  • Guard against fraudulent transactions by subjecting to UV light all cheque deposits, all cheque withdrawals and identity documents.
  • Ensure that all items cashed are within laid-down limits and refer all transactions exceeding limits to the appropriate area for confirmation and authorization.
  • Ensure that items cashed are technically correct and signed, according to customers mandates to avoid losses that may arise as a result of disputes.
  • Check audit trails to ensure all entries are correctly passed and confirm the same by signing the indemnity form.
  • Understand the risks associated with the control and handling of cash and maintain effective controls to manage these risks. Maintain a high level of integrity and ethical standards
  • First level customer interface and interaction for queries, receipt of instructions/ requests and direction to appropriate desk where required.


1.Number of losses

2.Teller differences

3.Turnaround time per transaction

4.Overall customer service ratings

Output group 2 - Control of daily cash received and paid out.

Outputs and measures            

Adhere to all laid-down policies and procedures regarding the handling, locking away and security of cash/assets to avoid losses.

  • Ensure cash holdings are kept within prescribed limits at all times.
  • Balance cash daily and report any differences promptly.

Measures of success:

  1. Overall cash differences
  2. Daily cash holdings within the limits

Requirements /Qualifications

Formal minimum qualification 1         

Type of qualification: First Degree Field of study: Finance and Accounting

Other qualifications, certifications or professional memberships.

1.Minimum of C+ mean grade at KCSE or Division II at O level

2.Minimum of grade C in Mathematics, English or Kiswahili


Experience required      

Experience Description: Fresh Graduates

Behavioral Competencies

  • Competency Label: Establishing Rapport

Competency Description: This competency is about the behaviors an individual should employ in order to effectively engage people, establish positive personal contact and improve the likelihood of maintaining positive relationships. This competency is therefore about putting people at ease, making friends and helping people feel welcome.

  • Competency Label Showing Composure

Competency Description: This is about the extent to which individuals can remain calm under pressure and maintain poise before and during important events. As such, the competency addressed in this document is concerned with the extent to which individuals show behaviors that lead to the effective handling of pressurized situations.

  • Competency Label: Resolving Conflict

Competency Description: This competency is about effectively dealing with disagreements and conflict in the workplace. In order to demonstrate being competent at resolving conflicts in the workplace, individuals are expected to demonstrate that they are able to effectively handle angry individuals and emotionally charged situations.

  • Competency Label: Team Working

Competency Description: This competency is about working well in a team. In order to develop this competency, individuals are encouraged to acknowledge the views and contributions of others, and to involve others in decision-making.

  • Competency Label: Understanding People

Competency Description: Behaviors that are emphasized to develop this competency include listening to others, understanding why people behave the way that they do and showing empathy.

  • Competency Label: Following Procedures

Competency Description: The important behaviors associated with “Following Procedures” in the

organization include adhering to rules, following instructions and being risk averse.

  • Competency Label: Completing Tasks

Competency Description: This competency is about completing tasks and projects in a structured manner by employing effective planning and prioritizing skills. Once tasks have been planned and priorities have been set, individuals also need to be able to manage the project or task to completion in order to demonstrate effectiveness.

  • Competency Label: Checking Details

Competency Description: This competency is concerned with the careful checking and confirmation of details in a task. Another behaviour associated with the “Checking Details” competency is being accurate. Being accurate requires individuals to have a strong quality orientation as well as to be thorough and detailed in their approach when completing tasks in order to avoid making mistakes.

Technical Competencies

  • Competency Label: Deposit processing

Competency Description: Ability to execute the process to capture the deposit, count the cash as well as to spot potential issues around fraud or money laundering. Ability to execute the cash withdrawal process, deliver the expected amounts in accordance to laid down processes and to spot the potential issues around fraud or money laundering.

Proficiency Level: PROFICIENT - Clear knowledge and application of the concept.

  • Competency Label: Cash Handling

Competency Description: The ability to sort, check, box, count and store cash securely.

Proficiency Level: PROFICIENT - Clear knowledge and application of the concept

Work environment -

 Working Conditions

 1: Regular overtime may be required

 Physical Requirements

1: Standing for extended periods

2: No specific physical requirements.

How to Apply

Send your updated CV to and  copy to on or  before  25/01/2024.

Kindly indicate the job title in the subject line:  TELLER.

(Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted.)