Supply, Installation, and Training of Agro-Ecology Compliant Hydroponics System for a Farmer Group in West Pokot, Kenya - Retender

Action Against Hunger USA 

Terms of Reference for Hydroponics Specialist Company

Project Title: Supply, Installation, and Training of Agro-Ecology Compliant Hydroponics System for a Farmer Group in West Pokot

1. Background: The project, conducted under the auspices of Action Against Hunger, aims to introduce a sustainable and agro-ecology compliant hydroponics system to a farmer group in West Pokot. The initiative seeks to enhance food security and livelihoods by providing innovative and resource-efficient agricultural solutions.

2. Objectives: The primary objectives of this project are as follows:

a. Install a functional hydroponics system suitable for the local climate and conditions in West Pokot with a minimum of 1 year warranty.

b. Supply all necessary hydroponics equipment, nutrient solutions, and materials required for successful system operation.

c. Provide comprehensive training to the farmer group on the management, operation, and maintenance of the hydroponics system.

d. Ensure the hydroponic solution adheres to agro-ecology principles, promoting sustainable and environmentally friendly practices.

e. Foster the farmer group's capacity to sustainably manage and benefit from the hydroponics system.

3. Scope of Work:

The hydroponics specialist company selected for this project will be responsible for:

a. Designing an appropriate hydroponics system considering local conditions and the needs of the farmer group measuring approximately 210x180x195 cm.

b. Procuring and supplying all necessary hydroponics equipment, components, nutrient solutions, and inputs.

c. Installing the hydroponics system at the designated site within the farmer group's premises.

d. Conducting thorough training sessions for the farmer group covering:

  • Hydroponic system operation and maintenance
  • Nutrient management and solution preparation
  • Pest and disease management in hydroponics
  • Possible crops to be cultivated, pre-harvest interval and harvesting
  • Environmental parameter monitoring and adjustment
  • e. Providing technical support and guidance to the farmer group for a specified period post-installation.
  • f. Ensuring that the hydroponic solution aligns with agro-ecology principles, promoting sustainability and minimizing environmental impact.

4. Deliverables: The hydroponics specialist company shall deliver the following:

a. Hydroponic system design plan, inclusive of equipment layout.

b. Complete hydroponic system installation, incorporating all necessary components.

c. Supply of hydroponics equipment, materials, nutrient solutions, and other inputs.

d. Comprehensive training materials and sessions for the farmer group.

e. Manuals or guides detailing the hydroponic system's operation and maintenance.

f. Documentation outlining technical support procedures and contact information. g. Certification of the hydroponic solution's compliance with agro-ecology standards.

5. Timeline: The project is expected to be executed within two weeks from the contract's commencement date.

7. Budget: The project budget should encompass all costs tied to system design, equipment acquisition, installation, nutrient solutions, input costs like suitable vegetable seeds, training, technical support, and documentation. The hydroponics specialist company must present a detailed budget proposal for approval before the project initiation.

8. Evaluation and Selection: The selection of the hydroponics specialist company will be based on factors including experience, expertise, proposed approach, and budget.

9. Required Documentation: The specialist is required to provide the following mandatory documents:

  • Must submit a copy of updated Valid Tax Compliance Certificate issued by the Kenya Revenue Authority (Will be verified on the KRA TCC Checker)
  • Must submit copy of KRA pin/VAT Certificate.
  • Must submit the company profile indicating capacity to undertake the proposed hydroponic system.
  • Proof of product certification by the Kenya Bureau (KEBS) of Standards and Kenya Plant Health Inspectorate service (KEPHIS)
  • Proof of recent similar works undertaken within the past three years.
  • Up to date CVs of the technical personnel to undertake the proposed assessment
  • The filled in and stamped financial proposal.
  • Proposed activity timelines to perform the assignment.
  • Availability to perform the assignment at the earliest possible time.

How to apply

10. Submission Instructions

Qualified candidates/firms to submit their valid documents as stated above submitted as one PDF document stamped with the recent company’s logo/letter head and current postal address on each submitted page to be received on or before Wednesday, 20th September 2023 at 5pm to the following email address:

Please quote Supply, Installation, and Training of Agro-Ecology Compliant Hydroponics System for a Farmer Group in West Pokot as the email subject line.