Womankind Kenya 


Consultant Level: Expert consultant

Expected Start Date: Immediately after Concluding Contract Agreement

Organisation Background Information

WOKIKE is a non-profit development organization that was founded and registered in Kenya in 1995 under the NGO Coordination Act as Womankind Kenya (WOKIKE). The primary purpose was to effectively respond to and address specific challenges that faced, and continue to face women, children and vulnerable groups particularly from marginalized parts of the country. WOKIKE operates in Northern and Coastal Regiaon with its Headquarters in Garissa County and field offices in Nairobi and Kwale Counties.

We are guided by Four (4) main pillars:

  • Climate Change Resillience and Livelihood
  • Child Protection and Education
  • Women empowerment and just governance
  • Peace building and conflict transformation

WOKIKE’s Identity, Vision, Mission, Values & Strategic Priorities


A just society that is self-reliant.


WOKIKE exists to improve the living standards of the pastoralist’s communities by supporting the most vulnerable members of the society, especially women and children, to demand for their rights from service providers and at the same time take responsibility for the control of their lives.


The following are values of WOKIKE:

  1. Transparency and accountability
  2. Equity and equality
  3. Respect for human rights
  4. Solidarity with the poor and marginalized

Strategic Priorities

The strategic priorities of WOKIKE are:

  1. Promotion and protection of the rights of women and children which include education, food, water, health services among others
  2. Greater participation of women in decision making in the governance structures
  3. Lobbying and advocacy at all levels to redress issues arising out of historical injustices and neglect.
  4. Rapid response to emerging natural and man-made catastrophes in the area.
  5. Strengthened organizational capacity in terms of policies, systems, knowledge and skills.


Effective institutions are key to the success of development agenda and they are essential for the organization delivery of community Projects. To achieve effective institutions, the establishment of a programmatic and administrative culture characterized by accountability, transparency, and cooperation is necessary. Therefore, these should be the guiding principles for all Organisations activities and should also constitute the core values and Strategic Plan. To ensure a well-informed, integrated and anchored Strategic Plan with strong traction and ownership, the consultant will work closely with WOKIKES leadership, and stakeholders with representatives from various departments of the organization. This process will also contribute to building institutional capacity and promoting internal collaboration.

Purpose and Objective of the Assignment

WOMANKIND Kenya is looking for an individual consultant, who will closely work with the Board of Directors and the Management to lead the process of the development of a new strategic plan for the period of 2023-2028.

Specific Objectives:

  1. Define the scope of strategic plan development (SPD) process by meeting with WOKIKEs Board and Management Team (SMT).
  2. Review and analyse WOKIKE’s existing strategic plan for 2018-2023 and key documents against prevailing operational environment with a focus to understanding “Where are we?”
  3. Conduct workshop/consultations with Board of Directors, WOKIKE’s leadership and team, key stakeholders to synthesis WOKIKEs key learnings and identify strategic opportunities in the current environment with a focus to understanding “Where do we want to be?
  4. Engage WOKIKE’s Board of Directors, management team, staff, key stakeholders meaningfully in the process to define mission, vision, values, objectives and priorities and ambitions of the organization and identify ‘’how we get there.’’
  5. Draft the strategic plan and present it to the Board of Directors and the staff for validation and approval after necessary revisions.

Scope of Work

The consultant will perform the following tasks:

  1. Conduct a stakeholder analysis and engage key internal and external stakeholders through surveys, interviews, focus groups, and workshops to gather their perspectives on the organization's direction and priorities.
  2. Conduct an in-depth internal assessment of WOKIKE’S capabilities, resources, systems, processes, culture, leadership, and governance structures.
  3. Conduct an external environmental scan to analyze context trends, social-Economic development landscape, regulatory changes, and potential opportunities and threats.
  4. Facilitate strategic review sessions with WOKIKE's leadership team and board to review and refine the mission, vision, and values statements.
  5. Develop a comprehensive strategic plan that includes strategic goals, objectives, key performance indicators, strategies, and action plans for the years 2023-2028.
  6. Provide guidance on resource allocation and sustainability strategies to support the implementation of the strategic plan.
  7. Design a monitoring and evaluation framework with clear indicators to measure progress and outcomes.
  8. Provide guidance on communication and advocacy strategies to effectively communicate the strategic plan to internal and external stakeholders.
  9. Present the draft strategic plan to WOKIKE’S leadership team, board, and key stakeholders for feedback and validation.
  10. Incorporate feedback into the final strategic plan and present the final version, including an executive summary and implementation guidelines.

Institutional arrangement / reporting relationships

  1. At key stages of the desk review, the consultant shall inform Organisation Management of key updates on the design and implementation of the review process as may be required.
  2. The Organisation Management shall ensure the relevant background information and documents are made available to the consultant.
  3. Programs Coordinator shall facilitate the coordination of meetings and other activities regarding this consultancy**.**

Qualifications of the successful individual contractor (IC)

  1. Academic Qualifications/Experience/Competencies

A minimum of master’s degree in a relevant field, with at least of 10 - years of professional experience in strategic planning and management. Evidence of having undertaken similar assignments is a requirement.

Ability to work with minimal supervision, a high level of written and oral communications skills in English is also a requirement.

  1. Competencies:
  • Strategic planning, accuracy, punctuality and reliability.
  • Ability to communicate effectively in writing.
  • Strong organizational and communication skills, ability to work in a team.
  • Ability to work against tight deadline
  1. Language and other skills:

Excellent knowledge of English, including the ability to set out a coherent argument in presentations and group interactions.


This assignment is expected to be carried out for a period of 10 - 15 man-days.

How to apply

To apply kindly send your Cover Letter, CV and Academic Certificates to