Vehicle Attendant Career Opportunity in Kenya

Job Title: Vehicle Attendant

Location: Segera, Laikipia County

Reporting to: HOD Guide

Segera—at the heart of Laikipia Plateau—is a wildlife sanctuary where your inspirational journey provides a positive impact on the land and its people.

Nestled between Mount Kenya to the east and the Great Rift Valley to the west, Segera Retreat makes its home on 20,000 hectares (50,000 acres) of preserved land where our sustainable lifestyle is focused around conservation, community, culture, and commerce (4Cs).

Segera is a Long Run Destination. Long Run Destinations are carefully selected by the Zeitz Foundation for their commitment to enacting the 4Cs.

Vision and Mission of Segera

  • Mission – The mission of Segera is to achieve a healthy, holistic balance of conservation, community, culture and commerce, leading to the creation of a sustainable, certified Global Ecosphere Retreat Long Run Destination that contributes to the vision off an ecosphere in the healthiest possible state.
  • Vision – To create and support sustainable, ecologically and socially responsible projects and destinations around the world to achieve long lasting impact and sustainability through the holistic balance of conservation, community, culture and commerce in privately managed areas.

Duties and responsibilities

  • Participate in washing process and apply polish on the outside body of the cars.
  • Carry out periodic maintenance of equipment used in washing to keep them in proper working condition.
  • Clean the hunger; brushing the floor and discarding the litter from bin/bins.
  • Apply water hoses, nozzles, brushes, soap buckets, broom, hand tools, pressure washer etc.
  • Move or direct cars into the washing area with a pleasant, focused, and competent attitude
  • Carry out visual inspection of vehicles to confirm their condition before sending them into the washing area
  • Ensure company policies and procedures are adhered to in carrying out given tasks daily
  • Apply antique paint on woods.
  • Start the engine of the cars in the hunger (KAU, KUD AND ROLS ROYCE) after every four days.
  • Cleaning the washing bay.
  • Cleaning the canvas of the arm-rests ,jack and seats
  • With a sense of urgency, ensure the right thing is done at the right time.

The ideal candidate must have the following minimum qualifications:-

1. Possess valid and current driver’s license

2. Certificate of good conduct will be an added advantage

3. Ability to display courteous and professional attitude

4. Strong ability to work flexible hours

5. Ability to work standing over long period of time

6. Ability to interact ethically with fellow employees

7. Excellent written and oral communication skills as well as interpersonal skills

8. Strong ability to handle the physical demand of the job

9. Experience in driving vehicles of different types including automatic and manual cars

10. Knowledge of cars and their parts, tools and other necessary equipments

11. Ability to follow directives at all times.

Those who meet the above qualifications should submit their applications through to reach the Human Resource Manager on or before 18th May 2023.

Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted.

Segera is a founder member of the Long Run Destinations. For more information on the global network of Long Run Destinations and Segera Ltd visit and