Call for Consultancy on accessibility audit of schools in Kajiado Central Subcounty - Girl Child Network



Girl Child Network (GCN) is an independent membership organization that is non-political, non-religious and non-profit registered in Kenya, Reg. No’ OP.218/051/12 – 0334/8160, with the regional operation. Since 1995, GCN has been implementing education programs nationally.

Education is the foundation for social, economic, political, and human development. It influences an individual’s skills, attitudes, and values to become functional adults to contribute to national development. Access to education, therefore, is important for a child’s development as they strive to become independent, and is also their basic right. It means adjusting the environment to make it accessible to all individuals. Children with disabilities are the most affected when the environment is not adjusted to accommodate their needs. There is, therefore, a need to establish barrier-free environments in all institutions of learning and training, especially the physical environments, and provide for the health, safety, and physiological needs of learners and trainees with disabilities. The institutions also need to be disaster-ready and disability responsive. Analysis and provision of appropriate devices and technologies support to facilitate the mobility, social inclusion, and learning of learners with disabilities.

Activity Rationale

An accessibility audit is therefore important to determine the measures necessary to ensure equitable and accessible inclusive education for all children.

Based on this, Girl Child Network seeks to engage an external consultant to conduct a review of the disability readiness and the inclusivity of the available infrastructure within the schools and EARCs to promote inclusive and accessible education. The review will be carried out in the 25 project schools and 2 EARCs in 6 working days.

An expression of interest will be used to define the terms for engaging a consultant.

Specific Objectives

  • To conduct an accessibility audit of the 25 project schools and EARCs in Kajiado
  • To review the inclusivity and disability readiness of the project schools and EARCs
  • To establish an accessibility guideline to review the school’s readiness to comply with the diverse needs of children with disabilities

Expected Outputs

  • An accessibility audit conducted on the project schools and EARCs
  • Schools and EARCs reviewed to inform suitable modifications


  • 1 comprehensive and detailed accessibility audit report (2 bound copies and 1 soft copy) that details findings and recommendations to inform infrastructure modification of the schools and EARCs

Scope of Work

The activity will take a total of 6 days to cover the 25 schools and 2 EARCs in Kajiado Central Sub County. Audit will cover all key areas such as the physical fracture, teaching materials, and teaching pedagogies, social interaction between pupils, teachers, and non-teaching staff among others. The school visit schedule is as follows;

check the website for more details on the schedule below


Degree in special education, education or any other relevant social sciences and Masters qualifications with more than 10 years of experience conducting surveys of similar nature. Consultancy firms should submit a detailed company profile and other statutory documents such as registration documents and KRA Pin Certificate and testimonials while individual’s bidders should submit a detailed Curriculum Vitae, testimonials, and KRA Pin Certificate

How to apply

Interested consulting firms/ Individuals who meet the requirement under this call should send their expression of interest with email subject title : EIE-AAS/GCN/2023 attaching all the necessary documents (statutory, personnel, and proof of previous work) through our email address:

N/B: Kindly note that any applications delivered physically or not sent through our Email address as stated above shall not be considered.

(Only Applicants from firms in Kenya and native Citizens are allowed to Apply.)

The closing date for applications is 25th April 2023. Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted. For more details on this Job visit