Social work assistant Job Vacancy in Kenya

Tushinde Children's Trust 

Position Title: Social work assistant


Tushinde Children’s Trust is a charity organisation, started in 2010 to support the most vulnerable families within the informal settlements of Mathare and Kiambiu in Nairobi. Tushinde is a child-focused employer and committed to child protection and the protection of vulnerable adults. All candidates will be screened prior to employment and be expected to understand and adhere to the principles of child protection.

Tushinde is a child-focused employer and committed to child protection and the protection Of vulnerable adults. All candidates will be screened prior to employment. Every candidate, Regardless of the post applied for, will be expected to adhere to the principles of child protection and ensure that those around them do the same.


The Social Work Assistant reports to a Social Worker, Senior Social Worker and/or the Lead Social Worker and Social Work Manager.

The Social Worker works with the families in the community to ensure that the children beneficiaries of Tushinde Children's Trust are attending school and are being well cared for at home.

Key Duties include:

  • To identify and locate children who are beneficiaries of Tushinde Children's Trust, together with their supervisors complete a detailed case assessment.
  • To establish relations with the child's parent or guardian, the school the child attends and other key players in the child's livelihood.
  • To act as the liaison between the child, parent or guardian, the schools and Tushinde Children's Trust.
  • To follow up the attendance of children in the school, their performance in class and their general health and wellbeing.
  • To follow up the children in regards to their development and health.
  • To make appropriate referrals for the caregivers and the children to access needed services such as health and child protection services.
  • To implement an effective individual case management system for the beneficiaries of Tushinde Children's Trust.
  • To provide awareness raising activities and training to beneficiaries on needs basis; i.e life skills training.
  • To ensure to his or her best knowledge that the rights of the child are not compromised and that the child is protected from potentially abusive situations.
  • Take lead on the daycare programme, by assessing and monitoring children’s development, identifying children at risk and linking them to quality health facilities; regular follow up of children who show no signs of growth improvement and train day care staff on good practices regarding child care and Development.
  • Engage our beneficiaries on the Tushinde programme Journey.
  • To provide management with a story and photographs of the achievements and challenges affecting Tushinde at least monthly.
  • Any roles assigned by the Executive Director, Senior Social Worker, Social Work Manager or the Office Manager.

Key Responsibilities:

➢ To follow the policies and procedures of Tushinde Children's Trust at all times and to be an active contributor to reviews of such.

➢ To be responsible for the documentation (M-Pesa account numbers, names of guardians etc.) and follow up cash transfers direct to the families.

➢ To keep accurate, up to date records on each child with regards to;

❖ Copies of official documents for the child and key parent/ guardian.

❖ School enrolment

❖ School attendance

❖ School performance

❖ Weight and height of child recorded at least once quarterly

❖ Details of home situation

❖ Details of recipient of cash transfers

❖ Contact details of relevant parties; school, parents etc

❖ Signed memorandum of understanding between parent or guardian and Tushinde Children's Trust

❖ Signed agreement regarding breakdown of annual payments

❖ Payments to families

❖ Follow up of discrepancies, complaints and any other issue regarding the sponsored child.

➢ To comply with Tushinde Children's Trust financial procedure and maintain high standards of accountability in the expense of funds (due- time return of receipts etc.)

➢ To prepare individual weekly and monthly work plans

➢ To compile monthly activity reports for the Social Work Manager and any other reporting required by Tushinde Children's Trust

➢ To organise regular meetings and other events with the sponsored children and their parents and guardians

➢ To perform any other duties requested by the Social Work Manager, the UK Director and the Executive Director that is in the best interests of the sponsored child.


  • Bachelor's degree in social work and/or community development , or a related field.
  • 3 years of work experience as a social worker.
  • Must have exceptional attention to detail.
  • Strong organisational and time management skills, and ability to prioritise. Must be a self-starter and driven.
  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills.
  • Strong problem-solving skills and analytical abilities.
  • Must be proficient with Microsoft Office and Google products.
  • Must have a passion to work with vulnerable children, youth and adults.
  • Must be able to work in a challenging environment.
  • Must be conversant with child protection policy.
  • Must have a certificate of good conduct.
  • Fluency in English and Kiswahili,, both verbal and written

Availability: Immediately

Salary range: Ksh. 25,652.00 per month (gross).comprehensive individual health cover provided as a benefit.

How to apply

Interested and qualified candidates should send their CV and a tailored covering letter to:, using ‘Social Work Assistant’ as the subject of the mail by 16th February 2024. The cover letter must show that you have given serious thought to working with Tushinde. Please apply early; Tushinde reserves the right to recruit early should a suitable candidate be identified prior to the closing date.