Consultancy Opportunities to Support Development of a Multi-Year Strategy for Peace Winds Japan Operations in Kenya

Peace Winds Japan 

Request for Proposal for Individual Consultant/s to Support Development of a Multi-Year Strategy for Peace Winds Japan Operations in Kenya

Peace Winds Japan (PWJ) is an international non-governmental organization established in 1996. PWJ provides humanitarian and development assistance for people affected by conflict, forced displacement, and natural disasters in more than 20 countries in the world. PWJ launched its mission in Kenya in 2012 and has been implementing projects funded by United Nations agencies, the European Union, and the Government of Japan. PWJ project focuses on WASH (water, sanitation, and hygiene), sexual and reproductive health, livelihoods, shelter, logistics, and youth development. These projects are improving the well-being, self-reliance, and living environments of refuge and host populations in Turkana, Garissa and West Pokot Counties of Kenya.

2. Objectives

The purpose of this consultancy assignment is to support PWJ in a participatory process to develop a new Multi-Year Strategy (MYS) covering a 3-5 Year period.

3. Scope of Work

During this assignment, the consultant will be required to undertake the following tasks:

  • Conduct a Desk Review of available PWJ program documents
  • Design a process for development of the new MYS, together with the PWJ Working Group.
  • Facilitate a participatory MYS development process with members from all levels of the organization (board, management, staff) and create a safe and brave space for open discussions about the future strategic direction of our organization.
  • Ensure hybrid facilitation via in-person workshops in Nairobi, and digital sessions for field personnel located in Turkana, Garissa and W. Pokot counties and international HQ staff. We aim for hybrid facilitation because we believe in the value of in-person sessions for creativity and strategic thinking, while also hoping to meaningfully engage internal stakeholders located elsewhere.
  • Create avenues for meaningful engagement of PWJ partners and stakeholders in the MYS development process.
  • Provide support to PWJ during the MYS writing process
  • Provide support to PWJ in translating our strategic goals to measurable outcomes as part of our Planning, Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning (PMEL) system
  • Provide support to PWJ in developing an action plan and budget estimate for an initial 3 – year period

Note: The consultant may be required to visit PWJ field locations in Turkana, Garissa and W. Pokot counties.

4. Key Deliverables

Through this process, key deliverables should include at least the following:

  1. Process outline and timeline for MYS development process
  2. Specific session plans for strategic development sessions
  3. Regular check-ins with the PWJ MYS Working Group
  4. Draft Strategic plan (Max 10-15 pages, executive summary and presentation)
  5. Presentation session to discuss draft MYS
  6. Final MYS report, accompanying workplan and anticipated budget for Years 1 -3
  7. One to two-page report capturing main lessons learned for PWJ throughout the process to ensure sustainability of the efforts

5. Timelines

The consultancy is planned to start in early February of 2024.

The timelines for the expected deliverables under this assignment are shown in the table below:




Inception Report

Inception report, PPt Presentation,

Work plan as Gantt Chart MS Excel

1 weeks after contract signing

Draft MYS Report

Draft Report in MS Word, PPt Presentation

4 weeks after contract signing

Stakeholder Workshop Report

Workshop Report in MS Word with clear recommendations and action plan on workshop outcomes

5 Weeks after contract signing

Final MYS Report

Main Report with Executive Summary in MS Word

6 weeks after contract signing

6. Estimated Level of Effort

This assignment will require an estimated Level of Effort of 15 person-days to execute.

7. Profile and Qualifications of Consultant/s

The ideal consultant/s will meet several of the following criteria and qualifications:


  • Support PWJ's mission, vision, and values
  • Demonstrated experience in facilitating strategic planning processes for medium – large sized NGOs
  • Experience with, or positive attitudes towards, working with humanitarian organisations working in refugee and non-refugee contexts
  • Experience with participatory approaches, with a strong focus on meaningful participation
  • Positive attitude towards, and understanding of diversity and inclusion and how to operationalize governance structures that will enable diversity and inclusivity
  • Experience with creative and engaging (and fun!) facilitation methods, both offline and online
  • Familiarity with the international development and humanitarian sectors and current developments in the sectors
  • English proficiency


  • Experience with budgeting and fundraising for humanitarian agencies
  • Familiarity with humanitarian interventions in refugee contexts within Sub-Saharan Africa; specific experience with humanitarian operations in Kenya will be present an added advantage
  • Familiarity with Grand Bargain commitments, Kenya's Refugee Law and Policy and the Shirika Plan
  • Familiarity with international advocacy at the UN level
  • An understanding of humanitarian operations in PWJ's sectors of interest
  • Experience with Planning, Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning

Team Requirements

The consultant shall comprise a team of at least 2 experts with the following qualifications:

  • Team Lead with background in International Development or related sectors; with postgraduate qualifications in Strategic Management
  • Team Lead must demonstrate experience of having worked on strategy at senior management levels in the international NGO sector for at least 10 years
  • Grant management expert with postgraduate qualifications in Finance and demonstrated experience in grant management, budgeting and fundraising in the international NGO sector for at least 10 years

8.0 Technical Proposal

The consultant’s technical proposal shall contain the following:

  • Clear understanding of the terms of reference including any relevant comments
  • A clear methodology on how the consultant will undertake the assignment
  • Work Plan with clear duties and responsibilities for each team member
  • Summary of Consultant's experience in undertaking assignments of similar scope and/or complexity (last 10 years)
  • Team composition and qualifications
  • CVs of proposed team members
  • Contact details of a minimum of 3 references from reputable organizations that the consultant has worked with over the past 5 years clearly indicating description of assignment, date/s of execution, name of organization and details of contact person (e-mail and telephone contact)

The consultant shall indicate team’s qualification and experience in the following format:




Role in assignment

Note: The consultant's technical proposal shall not exceed 10 pages. This excludes any annexes.

9. Financial Proposal

The consultant’s financial costing to undertake the assignment will be provided separately and should cover all costs associated with execution of the planned activities, including travel expenses, accommodation, training materials, tools, and any other related expenses.

The consultant will utilize the following budget template for their financial proposal




Rate (KSh)

Amount (KSh)

Consultants professional Fees


Transport to Kakuma


Accommodation costs


Communication costs

Taxes (indicate relevant tax)%


10. Support to be provided by the client

PWJ shall facilitate the consultant with the following support while undertaking the assignment:

  • Provision of Transport to the consultant's team while working in the field
  • Provision of Meeting/ workshop venue/s

11. Validity of Bid

Bidders shall clearly indicate that their bid is valid for a period of not less than 30 days from the date of submission.

12. Proposal Submission

The Technical Proposal shall be submitted comprising (a) Letter of submission duly signed by authorized bidder representative, (b) Main Technical Proposal document in PDF format, (c) Attachments to Technical Proposal in PDF (Eligibility requirements, CVs)

The Financial Proposal shall be submitted comprising (a) Financial Proposal Document duly signed by authorized bidder in PDF format and (b) Detailed calculations sheet in MS Excel format.

How to apply

Interested candidates or organizations should submit electronic copies of technical and financial proposals with the e-mail clearly headed “Proposal for Individual Consultant/s to Support Development of a Multi-Year Strategy for Peace Winds Japan Operations in Kenya” with the technical and financial proposal documents clearly labeled as ‘TECHNICAL PROPOSAL’ and ‘FINANCIAL PROPOSAL’ respectively.

All submissions should be made to on or before 31st January 2024 at 3:00PM EAT.