Head of Department-Livelihood Job Vacancy in Nairobi, Kenya

Rescue Dada Centre 

Position Title: Head of Department-Livelihood

Job overview

S/he is responsible for directly managing the operational activities and the staff (30%) in the department and at the same time works on the operational level (70%) as an Empowerment Officer, according to the Empowerment Programme Standard Operating Procedures.S/he will also provide performance Support in line with the performance management SOP that is vital, collaborative and communication-based process within RDC.

S/he is responsible for assuring caregivers and vulnerable community members are supported to improve their livelihood security through business development and support; maintaining professional and productive relationships with network partners and the target groups guiding them towards successful initiation of the income generating activity.

S/he will treat networking partners and target groups with respect and sensitivity and will maintain discipline amongst the same while setting up the businesses. S/he has to be flexible as the requirements vary according to the situation at RDC, target group age, background and psychosocial needs.

She will report to the empowerment programme manager, whose instruction must be carried out promptly and to the best of her abilities.

S/he will be required to undertake any other activities falling under the Livelihood Department, as needed.



  • Develop and coordinate implementation of monthly departmental work plans in line with the department’s annual work plan and RDC Programme Standard Operating Procedures;
  • Assure that the department budget is adhered to, available funds spent in time and according to the finance policy requirements;
  • Assure operational staff take over responsibility of their case load, fill out all necessary (case) documentation, and work according to RDC Standard Operating Procedures;
  • Chair fortnightly Departmental Meetings to discuss the progress of activities undertaken by the department, manage and if necessary, revise the department’s work plan;
  • Ensure proper documentation according to the RDC reporting templates.
  • Assure that staff collects all necessary information for monitoring progress;
  • Assure that the department database is up to date at all times and information entered by the staff correct;
  • Together with the Programme Manager assure that any relevant departmental information and deviation of achievements are recorded, analysed, communicated and if necessary respective measures taken;
  • Produce monthly progress reports for the department to be shared in the monthly programme management meetings;
  • Work with the programme management to prepare quarterly reports for the Quarterly RDC Management Meeting and donors;
  • Supervise department staff and volunteers and review staff performance; address any staff performance issues that arise in consultation with the programme manager.
  • Recruit and supervise volunteers.


  • Drive the engagement of the caregivers including case assessment, exit Identification, livelihood assessment and support planning, together with the Social Worker;
  • Attend bi-weekly case conferencing and work planning/revision meetings and any other additional case conferences based on need as decision making organ for the case in MDT.
  • provide input into a case from their perspective during MDT case conferences.
  • Take over own case load of caregivers to be supported into business and or referred to the vocational training department for training or any other relevant external network partner as per the interest and identified need;
  • Take responsibility for any vulnerable community member referred to the department by the vocational department to include the same in business development activities;
  • Conduct business skills trainings, set up business support groups and guide the development of viable business plans according to the assigned case load;
  • Initiate and coordinate the business starter kit application and approval process;
  • Guide the set-up of the business;
  • Monitor the business initiation period closely and provide business advise as per the need;
  • Participate in yearly follow ups of the caregivers in resocialization with the Social Worker to conduct livelihood assessments documenting the changes in the household and providing any further support needed before case closure.
  • Networking and Advocacy with local government, other relevant stakeholders.
  • Implement cross cutting activities of the SOP including Networking, driving the Alumni Association and Career Guidance, life, business and employability skills training in cooperation with the Programme manager and Head of the Vocational Department.
  • Support in maintaining alumni network through formation of family group and community support groups to drive capacity building initiatives e.g. savings and loans, needs based trainings.
  • Support the beneficiaries with additional support options to increase livelihood as outlined in the SOP.


  • Maintain complete, accurate and confidential records of the progress of every caregiver on his/her caseload and assigned vulnerable community members in respective case files.
  • Assess the progress of the caregivers at point of signing the exit agreement to case closure with the Livelihood assessment and support to the M&E Coordinator in any other relevant data collection efforts.
  • Regularly update the Programme database.
  • Develop individual Work plans and write up of training and activity reports.

Team Work

  • Stir Team work in the department and utilizing synergies with other departments to ensure quality and holistic care;
  • Work in a multidisciplinary team to ensure quality and holistic care for all girls and caregivers;
  • Coordinate and Chair bi-weekly department meetings;
  • Participate in monthly Programme Management Meetings;


  • S/he will have a bachelor degree in a related field (i.e. Community Development, Project management and Business management.
  • S/he will have at least 2 years work experience in in the field of social work, community development, business development and management experience.
  • Must have a solid understanding of human rights, especially children and women’s rights, and how they may be promoted through social services activities.
  • Must be flexible and understanding, creative, innovative and a team worker.
  • Must be Assertive and have leadership skills.
  • Must be prepared to work in potentially highrisk environments.
  • Must have sound communication skills - empathic communicator, motivator;
  • Must have analytical, problem solving & statistical skills;
  • Must be organized, accurate, independent and have a result driven working style;
  • Must be reliable, honest with a sincere work attitude.
  • Must be competent in using Microsoft Office applications such as Word and Excel.
  • Must have certificate of good conduct.
  • Must be conversant in English and Kiswahili.

How to apply

If you meet the above requirements and are interested in this exciting opportunity, please submit your resume and cover letter for consideration to rescuedadacentre@gmail.com by 15th November 2023. The salary for this position is ksh. 30,000.