School Principal Job Vacancy in Nakuru, Kenya

Position Title: School Principal

Industry: Education, Non-Profit Organization

Location: Nakuru

Gross Salary: KES 80k – 90k

Our Client is a Christian non-profit organization committed to improving the lives of underprivileged individuals through education.

Their mission is to provide access to quality education, resources, and support to empower the less fortunate in Kenya.

They believe the transformative power of education is an essential component to break the cycle of poverty.

The Principal's main focus should be to develop and maintain effective educational programs and to promote the improvement of teaching and learning within the school.


  • Continually endeavor to improve the operating effectiveness of the school for which he/she is responsible.
  • Keep informed of current practices and techniques relating to school programs, teaching, and administration by attending meetings and professional development conferences and reading professional materials.
  • Suggest appropriate changes and ensure adherence to approved policies, practices, and procedures within his/her area of responsibility.
  • Coordinate and foster the development of programs within the school to best meet the needs and interests of the students. This includes the establishment, supervision, and evaluation of special education programs where needed.
  • Assist the teaching staff in the development, implementation, modifications, and selection of curriculum materials, and keep the Directors informed as to any modifications in or substitution of approved courses.
  • Develop and support a high degree of student morale through curricular and extracurricular activities and services and coordinate the participation of all members of the teaching staff in the extracurricular program.
  • Participate with the School Division Office in the selection of professional, clerical, and support staff.
  • Be responsible for the preparation of timetables, class lists and schedules, and supervision schedules, and be responsible for their functioning.
  • Hold regular staff meetings for the purpose of discussing educational and administrative matters.
  • Be responsible for the proper registration and transfer of students in the school and for the maintenance of up-to-date student cumulative records.
  • Maintain or direct the maintenance of other records and files and the preparation and submission of reports as required.
  • Establish appropriate procedures for the control of all school textbooks, materials, equipment, etc.
  • Participate in the selection of students accepted at his/her school.
  • Where there is no Deputy Principal, designate a member of the teaching staff of that school to assume the duties and responsibilities of the Principal in the Principal's absence and inform the staff of the person designated.
  • Promote the professional and academic growth of his/her staff through staff meetings, in-service training and personal contact.
  • Take an active role in the selection, planning, and implementation of professional development activities for the staff in cooperation with the Director’s Office.
  • Shall evaluate the effectiveness of each member of the staff in the department through timely performance reviews.
  • Be responsible for the development and conduct of an orientation program for all teachers new to his staff.
  • See that instructions are prepared for the guidance of substitute teachers.
  • To have disciplinary authority in accordance with the law over each student while on school premises, while going to and from school, while riding on school buses, and while taking part in authorized school activities.
  • Be responsible for the provision of supervision of students and student activities in the school buildings, on school grounds, while loading or unloading from school buses, or involved in field trips or other student activities sponsored by the school.
  • Work cooperatively with outside agencies such as the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Health.
  • Responsibility to refer to the Public Health Nurse any child who appears to have a communicable disease or to be in need of attention for other health reasons.
  • The Principal shall be present with Police Officers if they interview pupils in the school.
  • See that no pupil is allowed to leave the school grounds on errands without his/her express permission.
  • To familiarize himself/herself with the general pupil progress and to assist in its improvement.
  • Coordinate and/or direct the evaluation of student progress and achievement and the provision of regular reports to parents as required by Board Policy.
  • Maintain communications with parents or guardians regarding the total school program, student achievement, placement, and behavior.
  • Be responsible for the administration of the instructional supplies budget for the school and the safekeeping of monies or materials that belong to the school.
  • Establish procedures for the purpose and receipt of materials and supplies necessary to support the instructional program.
  • Adhere to the system of accounting for monies from student activities, student fees, gifts, or other funds belonging to the school or to any student group within the school.
  • Develop and foster a culture of pride and respect for school property so that the facility is an attractive, well-maintained place.
  • Ensure that all reasonable precautions are taken to safeguard the health and general well-being of the staff and pupils of his school. To this end, he/she shall see that pupils and staff are adequately trained to make effective plans necessary for their safety.
  • Establish procedures whereby the access of visitors to the school can be monitored and controlled. This would include access by parents, salespersons, guest speakers, and former students.
  • Organize and supervise patrols where applicable and make readily available first aid supplies and treatment.
  • Inspect the school grounds and school buildings to see that they are free from hazards that might cause accidents, and he shall notify the proper authorities of any conditions which need to be remedied.
  • In the event damage is serious and appears to have been deliberate, it shall be reported to the police department in addition to the Directors.
  • Report any accidents or injuries of students or staff to the Director's Office on the forms provided.
  • Conduct fire drills as required by regulations and see that all personnel within the school are familiar with all procedures to be followed in case of a fire. Fire exit signs shall be placed in each room.
  • Establish effective controls governing the use of any medication, pain killers (aspirin, etc.) administered to students in the school.
  • Assume responsibility for the general cleanliness and maintenance of his/her school in coordination with the Facilities Department.
  • Be responsible for the direction of the work of the Caretaker and volunteers in the routine cleaning of the school premises. If difficulties arise, they shall be reported through the Directors.
  • Work with the Directors in the planning of capital projects and the routine maintenance of school buildings and grounds.
  • The Principal shall oversee the campus activities and events calendar.
  • Participate in the creation of the Education Department budget and operate within that budget.
  • Cooperate with other departments to create a culture of unity at the school.


  • Degree in education.
  • Minimum of 4 years’ experience as a principal at a school.
  • A valid teaching license TSC.
  • Excellent communication skills.
  • Compassion for students.
  • Natural leadership skills.
  • Passion for education.
  • CBC competent.

How to Apply

If you are up to the challenge and possess the necessary qualifications and experience, please send your CV only quoting the job title on the email subject (School Principal - Nakuru ) to on or before 20th October 2023.