Occupational Therapist (OT) Job Vacancy in Maai Mahiu, Nakuru, Kenya

Ubuntu Life Foundation 

Position Title: Occupational Therapist (OT)

Purpose of the Job

To oversee occupational therapy treatment and educational programs to special needs student’s in Ubuntu Life Foundation (C.W.C). The OT administers occupational therapy assessments to determine a student’s level of functioning relative to their age and educational placement in  areas such as fine/gross motor skill development, sensory-motor integration, self-care, and the activities of daily living.

Key tasks and Responsibilities

  1. Provides occupational therapy services, as identified through the Individualized treatment Plan(TP and IEP), to students enrolled in the educational and therapy  programs of Ubuntu Life. 
  2. Administers occupational therapy assessments to determine the client’s/ student’s level of functioning relative to their age and educational placement in such areas as fine/gross motor skill development, sensory motor integration, self-care, and the activities of daily living.  
  3. Writes assessment reports identifying the student’s needs and proposed treatment strategies; writes individual student goals and objectives as part of the IEP; maintains progress records; participates in the IEP meeting.  
  4. Develops occupational treatment plans and goals for rehabilitative care to improve student functional abilities and enhance their ability to learn. 
  5. Provides students with individual treatment and group therapy sessions to correct specific areas of sensory-motor integrative dysfunction.  
  6. Develops occupational therapy treatment plans based on the educational goals for eligible students to improve the student’s functional abilities within the school and naturalistic settings, in collaboration with the IEP team.
  7. Monitors therapy programs and consults with educational staff regarding inclusion of appropriate occupational therapy treatment strategies into the educational program; evaluates the efficacy of the established program and makes modifications within the framework of the TP/IEP process as necessary.  
  8. Participates in meetings between Ubuntu staff and families on the appropriate implementation of programs; collaborates and coordinates occupational therapy goals with the educational program.  
  9. Demonstrates educational and developmental strategies to students and families for successful home intervention of perceptual, motor, and sensory programs.  
  10. Provides interpretation and summaries of assessment reports to families; recommends appropriate activities and materials designed to support motor goals in the home.
  11. Consults and collaborates with medical and community agencies that interact with Ubuntu staff regarding occupational therapy services for therapy part time clients and full time students.  
  12. Adapts equipment to assure proper positioning and to enhance functional performance of the student/part time client in addressing the student’s neuromuscular deficits and needs. May include design and fabrication of equipment or recommendations for purchase of adaptive equipment as needed.  
  13. Maintain an in-depth knowledge of the laws and policies governing occupational therapy in Kenya, particularly as they pertain to the delivery of occupational therapy services.
  14. Consults with other members of the educational team regarding the mandated and best practice roles of occupational therapists.  
  15. Participates in continuing educational and professional growth objectives.
  16. Administers occupational therapy programs as needed in terms of budget recommendations, space, and equipment recommendations. 
  17. Performs related duties as assigned.


  • Excellent leadership skills.
  • 1-2 years working experience.
  • Good communication skills both oral and written.
  • Good planning and organizational skills.
  • Team player.

How to apply:

If qualified share your resume and application letter to ubuntukenya@ubuntu.life.