Development of CDTD’s mechanism to oversee project implementation and provide Oversight over financial matters Consultancy Opportunity in Nairobi, Kenya

Centre for Domestic Training and Development (CDTD)


Consultancy: Development of CDTD’s mechanism to oversee project implementation and provide Oversight over financial matters.

1.0 Organizational background:
Centre for Domestic Training and Development is a National, Non-Governmental Women Rights Organization that works towards better human rights and employment outcomes for Domestic Workers, especially girls and women in Kenya, through advocacy, skills training, job placement, education and protection. Established in 2001, CDTD’s mandate is to equip unskilled women and prospective local and migrant domestic workers from vulnerable and disadvantaged backgrounds with transitional skills for survival and employment. CDTD implements numerous programs to mitigate the vulnerabilities faced by girls and young women at risk of abuse and exploitation, while creating opportunities for them to recover and reintegrate into society. Over the years, CDTD’s holistic programming has benefitted child and adult victims and survivors drawn from: Abusive Domestic Work, Worst forms of child labor (WFCL), SGBV - Sexual and Gender Based Violence; illegal migration; refugees and asylum seekers; forced migration, local and cross-border trafficking settings among others.
CDTD offers courses in labour relations and rights, life skills, entrepreneurship education, housekeeping, laundry, childcare, food production and service, literacy and continuing education, and HIV/AIDS education. CDTD has endeavored to dignify domestic work using a five-pronged approach of Protection, Skills Training, Economic Empowerment, Mobilization, and Advocacy. Owing to their vulnerability, occasioned by poverty and lack of education, most program beneficiaries have suffered untold abuse and human rights injustices in the hands of employers. To counter the gross abuse of human rights in the Domestic Labour Sub-sector, CDTD equips the youths and young women not only with skills but also empowers them with information on their rights and obligations so that they can negotiate fair terms and conditions of employment.
2.0 Project background:

In 2021, CDTD was selected as a beneficiary of the URAIA Trust, Women Voice and Leadership (WVL) program, funded by the Global Affair Canada (GAC) through CARE International and CARE Kenya. The WVL project is anchored on Canada’s Feminist International Assistance Policy (FIAP) which puts gender equality and the empowerment of women and girls at the heart of international development, humanitarian peace and security. The overarching goal of the project is to contribute to gender equality and the increased enjoyment of human rights on women and girls in Kenya. WVL’s objective is to strengthen Women Rights Organizations (WROs) in Kenya to enhance their governance, management, programming, and sustainability by enhancing their ability to deliver quality services and increasing the effectiveness of their platforms to effect policy, legal and social change.

3.0 Assignment Objectives:
It is on this background that CDTD is seeking the services of a qualified consultant or individual to support in the creation of a CDTD’s mechanism to oversee project implementation and provide oversight over financial matters. Once created, this mechanism will hold the management of CDTD accountable and ensure seamless execution of the organization’s activities and transparency over financial matters. It will be essential for ensuring accountability, efficiency, risk management, compliance, transparency, financial control, quality assurance, communication, strategic decision-making, and stakeholder confidence. It will help the organization achieve its goals and deliver successful projects while maintaining financial integrity.

4.0 Project deliverables:
In a bid to creation of a CDTD’s mechanism to oversee project implementation and provide oversight over financial matters, the consultant will be expected to;

Create a CDTD’s mechanism to oversee project implementation and provide oversight over financial matters.
Hold a meeting with CDTD board and train them on their responsibilities concerning the mechanism created.
Produce a report on the training held with the board within 7 days.

5.0 Duration and timelines:
The creation of the mechanism is to take 1 day and the training for the board 1 day. Total Consultation days are 2.

6.0: Consultancy Competencies, Experience and Skill Requirements
Creating a mechanism for an organization to oversee project implementation and provide oversight over financial matters is a critical aspect of project management and governance. To ensure the success of the consultancy function, CDTD will consider the following competencies, experience, and skill requirements:

Demonstrable knowledge and experience in board management, leadership, and governance; or institutional capacity development in the not-for-profit sector.
At least seven years’ experience in Project Management, Leadership and Governance.
Advanced University degree in business, economics, non-profit management, international development, or related field.
Excellent written and communication skills.
Excellent leadership, organizational and time management skills.
Excellent communication skills including in presentations and report writing.
Excellent spoken and written English.
Good judgement pays attention to nuance and detail, takes initiative, high sense of responsibility, tact and discretion, with sensitivity to different cultures.
Experience in leading and facilitating participatory processes
Ability to interpret, analyze, and synthesize information
Experience in budget forecasting, cost control, and financial risk management.
Strong negotiation skills to handle contracts, disputes, and change request

7.0 Payment and submissions:
CDTD will finance the cost of the consultancy to undertake the work. The amount to be paid will be negotiated with the consultant based on their proposed budgets. 60% payment shall be done upon contracting after a successful selection process and the balance shall be settled after approval of the created CDTD’s mechanism to oversee project implementation and an oversight over financial matters and a training report for the board .

How to apply

For the selection and the award of the contract purposes, eligible consultants with relevant experience in conducting a similar exercise should send their detailed proposals together with their resume to the undersigned via email to: not later than 25 October 2023, 1700 hours (EAT).