Coffee Analysis & Profiling Job Vacancy in Nairobi, Kenya

European Committee for Agricultural Training 

Position Title: Coffee Analysis & Profiling


E4Impact Foundation is one of the implementing partners in the ARABIKA project. ARABIKA stands for Action to Re-Launch Agriculture and Branding Internationalization of Kenyan Coffee in and out of Africa and the project focuses on the coffee supply chain by acting on the quality improvement component, capacity building of farmer cooperatives and branding / marketing of their coffee produce.

We are looking to contract a certified Coffee expert – certified laboratory to carry-out 21 coffee cup analyses & profiling of coffees from the 21 Cooperatives from within the ARABIKA project - with the aim of defining at least 3 cup profiles for coffee coming from the different macro-areas of the country, namely Eastern Kenya -Machakos County, Central Kenya - Kiambu, Murang’a, Nyeri, Meru, Embu counties, & Western Kenya - Bungoma County,


  • Green Coffee Analysis.
  • Roasted Coffee Analysis
  • Provide a comprehensive report: -
  1. Quality evaluation.
  2. The organoleptic characteristics.
  3. Qualitative characterization.
  4. Any other recommended information.
  • Provide a preliminary cup score.
  • Duration- Analysis and report completed after a maximum 10 days after receipt of green coffee samples.

We will provide the 21 green coffee samples of a minimum of 350 gm of either AA, AB or PB grades per sample.

We will not require a certified ‘Q’ cup score.


Team assigned will be required to have the following: -

  • Atleast five years of experience in Coffee Cup Analysis and Profiling.
  • Use certified cupping lab facilities recognized by the Coffee Directorate.
  • At least one Qualified/certified Q Grader or equivalent e.g., SCA.
  • Ability to translate the cup analysis &/or methodologies into easily understood language.

How to apply