Hand in Hand Eastern Africa 


Reference Number: HIHEA/019-2023/OP

Reports to: Chief Programs Officer

Location of project: Nairobi County

Type of contract: Consultancy

Languages required: English and Swahili languages are essential.

Period of implementation: 30 days

Type of selection: Firm Selection Only

1. Introduction

Hand in Hand Eastern Africa (HiH EA) is a registered Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) in Kenya with a mandate to operate within the Eastern Africa region. It is a member of the Hand in Hand Global Network that comprises affiliated organizations that mutually pursue the shared goal of poverty alleviation by supporting poorer communities to create sustainable jobs and enterprises. Currently HIHEA is operating in 33 counties across Kenya.

HiH EA has a strategic focus, which ensures the social inclusion of women, men, and youth; economic empowerment through financial inclusion and market development for the marginalized groups; enhanced climate change resilience by supporting adaptive practices; enhanced knowledge and skills for basic needs and human rights.

HiH EA’S model of operation is anchored on its vision - An empowered society with sustainable enterprises and jobs and Mission - To facilitate communities out of poverty through creation of sustainable enterprise. Based on the vision and mission, HIH EA targets communities and members who earn less than 2 dollars a day with an aim of training them on creation of sustainable enterprises (both on and off farm enterprises) as well as through the provision of credit facilities and market linkages to ensure sustainability of their enterprises. HiH EA has an affirmative action to have at least 80% women, 20% men and 40% youth targeted in efforts to ensure gender equity.

2. Scope of Work

In the course of its work, HIH EA has established that gender equity and equality are key drivers of positive change and empowerment and should be effectively mainstreamed at both the programmatic and institutional levels. Understanding the relationship between gender and poverty alleviation is crucial to the overall effectiveness of any response initiatives. Any attempts to alleviate poverty especially through the enterprise and job creation model have to bear in mind the different dynamics that apply to both women and men to ensure effective response.

HIH EA has established that some of the key gender challenges with regards to enterprise creation entail access to credit and decision making on the same, land ownership and decision making on the same, decision making over income, multiple roles of women, gender based violence, cultural biases & participation in key governance process such as public participation, policy formulation. Gender equality requires equal enjoyment by women and men of socially valued goods, opportunities, resources and rewards. Where gender inequality exists, it is mainly women who are excluded or disadvantaged.

While the organization projects targets at least 80% of women as beneficiaries, there is an appreciation that much more needs to be done to integrate gender effectively. In addition, at the Institutional level, there is need to undertake a thorough review of the policies to ensure gender is effectively integrated. It is for these reasons HiH EA seeks to engage a consultant to facilitate development of the first HIH EA’s Gender Strategy. This strategy should be as practical as possible and should address both the programmatic and Institutional levels.

The gender strategy should address key concerns along the organizational, community as well as broader advocacy with governance structures. The following are some of the key areas identified that the strategy should address though it is expected that the consultant together with HIHEA team will refine the scope to ensure overall inclusivity.

Overall Objective of the assignment

The successful consultant/firm will be expected to facilitate development of an inclusive gender strategy for HiH EA. A strategy that will mainstream the important theme of gender and providing guidance for onboarding gender aspects in programming and provide a monitoring framework to help measure the outcomes of the strategy plan and its implementation plan.

Specific Objectives

To bring out gender as the important aspect it is in ensuring inclusive development in line with HiH EA’s strategic plan and provide a guideline to implement initiatives that will ensure gender equity, equality and inclusivity. The gender strategy will:

i. Provide a path for HiH EA to incorporate of gender dynamics into the project cycle management starting from program design to completion and hand over.

ii. Give the organization a path for gender advocacy and communication within the organization, target communities and within the governance as well as stakeholder circles.

iii. Provide an approach for gender sensitivity for the organization to guide in; recruitment, induction, promotion, reward and recognition system, and all staff assessment processes including development and training.

iv. Provide a framework for identifying gender responsive activities and budgeting/financing for the same at organizational and community level.

v. Develop gender inclusive M&E Framework for implementing and measuring the results of the gender strategy.

3. Methodology

  • Review HiH EA’s important documents including and not limited to; strategic plan, select projects’ proposals, policies, budgets
  • Develop a detailed inception report, share and present the same to the HiH EA gender-working group. The inception report shall include; clear methodology for delivery of the assignment, work plan with clear timelines
  • Conduct a strategy design workshop with gender committee and key actors within HiH EA.
  • Develop a draft gender strategy and share with HiH EA for first and subsequent reviews.
  • Develop final strategy and conduct a strategy dissemination workshop.

4. Key Deliverables

• A Gender Strategy document with:

a. Clear gender objectives for HiH EA

b. Clear gender mainstreaming theory of change (TOC)

c. Implementation Plan

d. M&E Framework

e. Budget framework

5. Consultant/s’ specification

• Analysis lead to have a minimum of 7 years’ experience in in programme management of gender equality, gender mainstreaming or women empowerment policies/projects/programmes;

• Knowledge of gender equality and equity at the institutional and programme level is a must;

• At least five years of experience in planning, design, preparation and delivery of gender equality and equity strategies at both programme and institutional/organizational levels;

• Demonstrable experience in developing gender strategies for NGOs or development organizations;

• Experience in gender mainstreaming in enterprise related projects (both within and beyond the farm) is an added advantage;

• Strong research and analytical skills;

• A commitment to social and economic empowerment and the reduction of poverty;

• Experience, awareness and sensitive to different cultural contexts

• A proven record of providing results within a defined timeframe

• A university degree preferably in gender, development, development studies, project management, and other closely related areas;

• Fluency in written and spoken English and Kiswahili is a must;

NB: As part of the application, consultants shall include a summative table on relevant assignments undertaken and references as well stated role/s of each consultant in the stated assignments.

6. Anti-Corruption

Hand in Hand Eastern Africa strives to fight corrupt practices within its operations and the same is expected of its vendors, contractors and service providers. HiH EA staff are therefore prohibited from accepting any gift/s, consideration or benefit/s of any kind which may constitute illegal or corrupt practices, either directly or indirectly, as an inducement or reward for the award of a contract.

7. Ethical consideration and Safeguarding

HiH EA as an organization undertakes to create a safe environment for all those we serve, and to prevent any form of exploitation or abuse. We are committed to acting in the best interest of our member’ and any willing vendor, contractor or service provider is required to commit and comply with our position on safeguarding as stipulated in the organizations code of behavior's.

8. Clients inputs

Hand in Hand shall provide the contacts and links it has to its gender committee members, management team, members, and any other related and needed contacts. HiH EA will also provide relevant internal documents, analysis of the just concluded gender knowledge assessment and other requested documents necessary to provide an organizational overview.

How to apply

The consultants are invited to submit proposals tailored to the outlined requirements, comprising of a technical proposal, financial proposal in Kenyan Shillings with clear costs, methodology plan, and work plan, evidence of previous similar work and CVs for the suggested team. Deadline for submission of proposals is Friday September 1, 2023. These should be submitted via email to: using the reference number as the email subject.

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