Annual Workplace Health and Safety Audit Consultacy Opportunity in Nairobi, Kenya - Norwegian Refugee Council

Position Title: Annual Workplace Health and Safety Audit for NRC office in Kenya, Nairobi

Background information

A workplace health and safety risk assessment is a planned procedure in which all hazards in the workplace are identified and their risk potential evaluated annually. The audits are /conducted /reviewed by an external auditor approved by the directorate of occupational Health and safety. Both Internal and External risk assessment should be planned activities and integral with a good safety management system .The risk potential is a combination of the likelihood of occurrence and the severity (or consequences) should an accident occur. Once the risk potential has been identified, it would be possible decide whether there are sufficient precautions in place, or whether more needs to be done to prevent harm from occurring or recurring. This is normally a subjective assessment that allows processes and procedures to be evaluated in order to make them as safe as is reasonably possible.

Section 6 (3-7) of the Occupational Safety and Health Act, 2007 emphasizes the need for risk assessment as part of the general duties of employers to their workplaces. Sub-section 3 of Sec. 6 of the Act requires every occupier to carry out appropriate risk assessments in relation to the safety and health of persons employed and, on basis of these results, adopt preventive and protective measures to ensure that under all conditions of their intended use, all chemicals, machinery, equipment, tools and processes under control of the occupier are safe and without risk to health and safety and complies with the requirements of safety and health provisions of OSHA,2007.

Failure to comply with the relevant legislation may result in fines and/or imprisonment as stipulated under Sec. 6 (7) of the aforesaid Act. By identifying hazards in the workplace and the likelihood of an accident occurring, occupiers can take appropriate actions to deal with the most pressing problem areas. Reducing accidents in the workplace benefits both employers and employees through the creation of a safer working environment, and savings due to both reduction in lost time, productivity, and possible accident claims.

Risk assessments comply with Safety and Health legislation (OSHA,2007) and makes accident prevention easier by identifying hazards before they occur. Carrying out risk assessments helps to improve workforce morale by conveying a "caring" attitude of the occupier. However, it does require resources to conduct and fully implement recommendations.

Risk assessments should be an integral part of any Safety and Health management system. They are the basis of providing organizations with a safe and effective working environment. The benefits of this continuous process are the evaluation of the risk potential of any workplace hazard with an aim of keeping risks as low as reasonably possible. This process should be undertaken on a regular basis especially if there have been changes to any aspect of:

  • Working practices
  • Machinery location
  • New equipment
  • The capability of operators
  • Alterations to the working environment
  • Alterations to buildings
  • Dangerous materials

Purpose of the analysis and intended use

The Workplace audit will be carried out with the view of evaluating compliance of the NRC kenya country office and the associated operations with the provisions of the Occupational Safety and Health Act, 2007 of the laws of Kenya and all its relevant subsidiary legislations. The following areas will be assessed:

  • Workplace information
  • Management of Occupational safety and Health policies
  • Workplace Health and Welfare conditions including safety, occupational hygiene conditions as well as general conditions
  • Fire hazards and preparedness
  • Emergency response plan.
  • Employee training programs
  • Safety programs

The scope of this risk assessment will cover the entire workplace where activities of the organization are carried out. It is from the risk assessment conducted as aforesaid that a report will be compiled for submission to Directorate of occupational Health and Safety services (DOSHS) .


In conducting the Workplace audit, both desktop and field surveys will be used . The Auditor will review the literature applicable to the operations of the Country office and Area Offices and the legal framework governing/regulating the workplace and its operations. The Auditor will gather the relevant data through:

• Observation.

• Interviews.

• Reference materials.

• Testing of firefighting equipment where possible

Deliverables and reporting deadlines

The Audit Organization is expected to lead, accomplish, and submit the following deliverable:

  • Conduct General Workplace audits for NRC Nairobi Office and provide a detailed report for the site.
  • Conduct Occupational Health and Safety committee training and issue both corporate and individual certificates for Nairobi team.
  • Conduct fire Marshals and First Aid training for designated staff and issue both Corporate and individual certificates for Nairobi team.
  • Conduct refresher training related to First Aid, fire safety, and occupational health and safety for Nairobi teams annually.
  • Provide Annual Staff workplace ergonomics training for Nairobi offices and issue corporate certificate
  • Work with the ministry of health to complete staff occupational health assessment for Nairobi offices

The final deliverables (if awarded) are to be shared by 30th June 2023, with the NRC Kenya country office team.

Qualifications for the Consultancy/consultant

  • Approved by the Directorate of Occupational Health and Safety (DOSH) Kenya.
  • Approved by National Industrial Training Authority (NITA)
  • Ability to offer First Aid, Fire Safety, and Occupational Health and safety services
  • Ability to issue certificates both for individuals and corporates
  • A minimum of five years of proven practical experience in Kenya supporting INGOS
  • Facilitators must also be approved by DOSH

Additional information on site visit (if required)

If need be, a site visit can be arranged on Friday 5th & 12th May 2023 between 1100 and 1300Hrs. Office location , Naushad Merali Drive, Off James Gichuru Road , Lavington next to The Curve Mall (hosting Naivas).

How to apply

Complete proposals should be submitted in pdf through before or on 15th May 2023 at 1700Hrs . The title of this consultancy should be captured on the email subject for ease of reference.

NRC reserves the right to accept or reject the whole or part of your proposal based on the information provided without giving the reason whatsoever. Incomplete proposals which do not comply with our conditions will not be considered.

NB: Due to high number of applications expected, only shortlisted candidates will be contacted.

For enquiries, Kindly contact: