Call for Consultancy on Labour Inclusion for Persons with disabilities in Nairobi Kenya - Girl Child Network

Terms of Reference for Consultancy to conduct Market Survey in Companies on perceptions on Employment of Persons with Disabilities.

01.Background Information

Girl Child Network (GCN) is an independent, non-political, non-religious and non-profit organization partnering with over 300 organizations working to improve the wellbeing of children in Kenya with emphasis on the education of the girl child. The Network was established in 1995 as follow up of the Beijing Platform for Action and implementation of Article 12- The Girl Child. GCN came into being to primarily mainstream children, women and young people activities, and initiate interventions that focuses child protection, gender, democracy and governance, research, policy advocacy, education, health, capacity development, HIV/Aids and emergency response through Advocacy, action implementation, information sharing and strengthening of children programming in Kenya.

Girl Child Network in partnership with CBM Kenya is implementing a three-year Project dubbed, “Injob!”. The overall objective is to promote the educational, social and vocational inclusion of vulnerable and disabled youth in Kenya. Among key outcomes of the Project is activation of labor inclusion paths for people with disabilities within the TVETs institutions in Kenya.

02. Overview

Discrimination for persons with disabilities in employment opportunities reflects the barriers they face to transiting to the line of work yet Kenya has put in place Laws and policies such as the constitution of kenya 2010, the Disability act 2003, the sector policy for learners and trainees with disabilities 2019 among other policy frameworks which foster access to descent job opportunities. The major challenges revolve around perception of person with disabilities and the notion of their inability to perform. This has culminated to most industries/ companies advancing the plight of PWDs in the job market hence affecting their capacity to participate in nation building and fending for their families.

To address these barriers, Girl Child Network intends to engage a better placed and experienced consultant to conduct a market survey in companies with a view of finding the scenes of exclusion and discrimination in employment opportunities for Persons with Disabilities (PWDs). The findings of the survey will inform support in capacity strengthening of company staff and management on inclusion of PWDs in the labor market. The training will target two staff/ managers of 30 companies within Nairobi city County.

Overrally, the activity intends to promote the job placement of young people with disabilities through training placements in companies, fostering the creation of linkage between the project target TVETs and companies that adopt inclusive working procedures.

The activity also intends to change the negative perception around employability of PWDs by the potential Companies and assess the employment rate currently in place.

Objectives of the consultancy

  • To examine the employment rate of persons with disabilities in 30 companies within Nairobi city county.
  • Examine whether the workplace within the selected companies provides for reasonable accommodation for PWDs.
  • Examine the extend of perception employers have towards PWDs.
  • Assess the existence of an inclusive work environment in which persons with disabilities can work peacefully.

03. Scope of Work

The Consultant will conduct a survey targeting 30 potential companies within Nairobi city county that have had a history of accommodating individuals with technical trainings offered in vocational training centers. During the process of the survey, the consultant will be expected to assess barriers that inhibit inclusion of PWDs within the company premises/ environment, he/she will assess the number of PWDs employed within the company, whether the companies enhance utilization of its resources in provision of equipment’s modified enough to provide safety and autonomy in the event they’re used by PWDs to suit their specific needs. The consultant will also assess whether the environment within the companies reached is inclusive to necessitate timely access of equipment’s and utilization of PWDs.

The data and findings will be consolidated into an audit report with full analysis of existing structures and recommendations for potential paths to labor inclusion. This report will be used by the Project to inform interventions by addressing the gaps identified.

Additionally, the Consultant will conduct a 2 days training on awareness creation to company staff/ managers on labour inclusion paths for PWDs. The training will target 2 company staff/managers in the 30 companies upon submission of the final report.

Specifically, the Consultant will be expected to:

  • Develop data showing the percentage rate in number of persons with disabilities accommodated for employment within the potential companies identified.
  • Develop the data showing the percentage rate in number of persons with disabilities offered industrial attachment within the company since its establishment.
  • Asses the partnership engagement if ever existed between the company and the VTCs in support of persons with disabilities.
  • Examine both internal and external structures within the company surrounding that enables or inhibits accessibility of or utilization of company equipment’s by persons with disabilities.
  • Analyze the availability of modified equipment’s for use within the company chain of operations that necessitates effective use by persons with disabilities with full autonomy.
  • Conduct awareness creation of company staff on disability and inclusion of PWDs in the labour market.


The following methodology is proposed by GCN

  • Conduct a desk review of appropriate documents and policies in regards to roadmap and pathways for labor inclusion.
  • Observations within the company premises, both in and outside the premises.
  • One on one interview sessions with company management, staff and other associated stakeholders.
  • Use of relatable, comprehensive and detailed questionnaire aligned to national and international framework.

NB: The consultant will promote data collection with disaggregation by disability, gender, age and interviewing procedures involved.


  • Two bound copies and one bound copy of a detailed report indicating the processes of survey, findings on gaps identified, recommendations and conclusion. Annexes of the detailed analysis of any other relatable findings should be attached. (photos, data collection tools, methods and strategies used.
  • Training notes and methodologies to be used during the company staff training for the 2 days.
  • Conduct awareness raising training of 2 company staff on disability and inclusion of PWDs in labour market in the 30 companies.
  • Prepare and submit a detailed Company Staff Awareness Training report.
  • A realistic and sustainable approach to securing placements for employment and enhancing accommodation of persons with disabilities within companies.

06.Time frame

This assignment is expected to run for period of 32 working days upon award of the engagement contract:

07.Academic Qualifications

  • Bachelor’s Degree in market research or a related business, communications, or social science field, with specification courses in statistics and research methods.
  • Holders of Master’s Degree will be added advantage

NB: Those that have undertaken a similar assignment will have an added advantage.

How to apply

Interested consulting firms/ Individuals who meet the requirement under this call should send their technical and financial proposals attaching all the necessary documents (statutory, personnel and proof of previous work) through this email address

N/B: Kindly note that any applications not sent through the Email address as stated above shall not be considered.

(Only Applicants from firms in Kenya and native Citizens are allowed to Apply.)

The closing date for applications is 28th April 2023. Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted.