APHRC Consultancy to Conduct Enterprise Risk Management Training in Kenya

African Population and Health Research Center (APHRC)

Terms of Reference: Consultancy to Conduct Enterprise Risk Management Training

Introduction: The African Population and Health Research Center (APHRC) is a leading Africa-based, African-led, international research institution headquartered in Nairobi, Kenya, with a regional office in Dakar, Senegal.

Our researchers are contributing to the body of evidence about the critical issues in population health and wellbeing impeding Africa’s development in order to provide strong direction and recommendations to policy- and decision-makers at all levels.

Our priority research areas are Human Development, Health and Well-Being, Data Science and Evaluation, and Population Dynamics and Urbanization in Africa.

In addition to the research component, APHRC has other programmatic areas in Research and Related Capacity Strengthening, Policy Engagement and Communications and International programs.

Strategic Risk Management is a critical aspect of the Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) process and requires keen assessment of the strategic level risks and coming up with an effective response plan.

The objective of ERM is to develop a holistic, portfolio view of the most significant risks internally and externally to the achievement of the organization’s most important objectives.

Scope of Services

APHRC is seeking applications from consultant(s) to train and provide Senior Management and risk champions a better understanding of the risk assessment process.

Particularly the training shall include:

  • Identifying potential risks both internally and externally that may affect the objectives of APHRC and ways to manage those risks.
  • Conducting a strategic risk assessment on APHRC’s strategy.
  • Reviewing the existing risk management framework and risk registers in collaboration with the process owners through risk assessment workshops and group discussions. The framework should include the following:
    • Key risk indicators
    • Risk appetite statement
    • Risk tolerance levels
    • Risk measurement criteria.
  • Providing strategic and policy direction for the implementation of ERM within APHRC.
  • Capacity build Senior Management/process owners and risk champions in order to gain technical knowledge in ERM. Topics for consideration in the capacity building includes:
    • Introduction to risk and risk management in organizations.
    • Basis for ERM in organizations globally, locally and from a sector point of view.
    • Global ERM frameworks’ guidelines for organizations implementing risk management (Focus on ISO 31000 and COSO frameworks).
    • Role and responsibilities for ERM from the Board to frontline staff.
    • Monitoring and review of the ERM.
    • Risk reporting.
    • Linkage of ERM to ISO 9001, strategic plan and corporate governance.

Role of APHRC

The Center will:

  • Provide the venue for the training including a conference package; and
  • Administrative support in scheduling the training dates and ensuring full participation in the training.

Qualification and Experience of the consultant

The ideal consultant must:

  • Have a background in ERM and be capable of demonstrating practical experience in organising and delivering training courses on ERM, tools and best practices, and related subjects.
  • Provide a maximum of two individuals as facilitators who possess relevant academic qualifications in either Risk Management, Project Management, Auditing and/or Finance.
  • Demonstration of experience and expertise in similar assignment with Non-Governmental or any other organization.
  • Excellent written and oral communication skills.

Duration and conduct of the consultancy

  • The training shall be conducted within a period of three weeks from the date of execution of the consultancy contract.
  • The consultant shall agree with the Risk and Compliance department on the contents of the work plan including scope and inputs for the training.
  • The consultant shall be required to submit a fair budget/price plan.
  • All reports, documents and outputs prepared by the consultant for this assignment shall become the property of APHRC and the consultant shall have an obligation to deliver such documents upon expiration of the consultancy.


At the end of the training program, the participants should be equipped with the skills as stated in the terms of reference and outlined in the training proposal. The following deliverables are required under this assignment:

  • Design and develop the training modules and program.
  • Conduct and submit a pre-training assessment report on APHRC’s ERM process including the risk management framework, policies and risk register.
  • Submit revamped APHRC risk register, risk management framework and policies.
  • Provide on-site training on ERM inclusive of training materials and related documents.
  • Recommendations and proposals for improved training in future (if any).
  • Conduct and submit post training assessment report not later than two weeks upon completion of the training.
  • Issue certificates to participants at the end of the training session.

Other documentation

The consultant must submit the following documents:

  • A cover letter and training proposal.
  • Profile of the company.
  • Detailed CV’s indicting work done and years of experience.
  • Valid certificate of business registration.
  • Taxpayer’s documents i.e valid PIN and tax compliance certificates.
  • Two reference letters from current or past clients (assignments done in the last two years).


Applications and submissions including supporting documents should be sent by email to consultancies@aphrc.org and copy procurement@aphrc.org with the email subject: “Enterprise Risk Management Training Consultant.”

Submission deadline is Thursday, 25th April 2023 at 5.00pm.

Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted.

Applications should be should be addressed to:

The Human Resources Officer
African Population and Health Research Center, Inc
APHRC Campus, Manga Close, off Kirawa Road, Kitisuru
P.O. Box 10787-GPO, Nairobi
Website: www.aphrc.org

APHRC is an equal opportunity employer and is committed to the protection of vulnerable persons.