Sacco Internal Auditor Job Vacancy in Kenya


Excellent Career Opportunities

We are in the process of recruiting qualified and competent staff on behalf of our affiliate SACCOs in Nairobi, to fill the following vacant position.

Position Title: Internal Auditor

Position Summary: The position exists to provide independent, objective assurance and consulting services designed to add value and improve the SACCO’s operations.

The Internal Auditor will help the SACCO accomplish its objectives by bringing a systematic, disciplined approach to evaluate and improve the effectiveness of governance, risk management, and control processes.

Job Title: Internal Auditor II

Job Reference No. IA/BS/01/2023

Location: Nairobi

Type of engagement: Permanent and Pensionable

Key Responsibilities

(i) Review the credibility and integrity of financial statements.

(ii) Analyze the investments of the Society to ensure that the investments policy was followed, the investments are safe, made within the prudential standards and are made for the good of the Society.

(iii) Review the economic efficiency and effectiveness in the utilization of the Society resources so that its objectives are achieved.

(iv) Review the adequacy, design and effectives of the internal control systems. This includes monitoring of such controls, detect any weakness and provide recommendation for improvement.

(v) Undertake regular transactions and systems review to confirm that internal control systems are in place and are working.

(vi) Act as a link between the external auditor and the supervisory committee of the SACCO

(vii) Submit, at least annually, to senior management and the [board/supervisory committee] a risk-based internal audit plan for review and approval.

(viii) Communicate to senior management and the [board/supervisory committee] the impact of resource limitations on the internal audit plan.

(ix) Review and adjust the internal audit plan, as necessary, in response to changes in the SACCO’s business, risks, operations, programs, systems, and controls.

(x) Communicate to senior management and the [board/supervisory committee] any significant interim changes to the internal audit plan.

(xi) Ensure each engagement of the internal audit plan is executed, including the establishment of objectives and scope, assignment of appropriate and adequately supervised resources, documentation of work programs and test results, and the communication of engagement results with applicable conclusions and recommendations to appropriate parties.

(xii) Follow up on engagement findings and corrective actions, and report periodically to senior management and the [board/supervisory committee] any corrective actions not effectively implemented.

(xiii) Ensure the principles of integrity, objectivity, confidentiality, and competency are applied and upheld.

(xiv) Ensure the internal audit collectively possesses or obtains the knowledge, skills, and other competencies needed to meet the requirements of the internal audit charter.

(xv) Ensure trends and emerging issues that could impact the SACCO are considered and communicated to senior management and the [board/supervisory committee] as appropriate.

(xvi) Ensure emerging trends and successful practices in internal auditing are considered.

(xvii) Establish and ensure adherence to policies and procedures designed to guide the internal audit activity.

(xviii) Ensure adherence to the SACCO’s relevant policies and procedures, unless such policies and procedures conflict with the internal audit charter. Any such conflicts will be resolved or otherwise communicated to senior management and the [board/supervisory committee].

(xix) Ensure conformance of the internal audit activity with the Standards for the Professional Practice of Internal Auditing.

Necessary Qualifications and Skills:

Minimum Qualifications:

(i) Bachelor of Commerce or any other business related degree form a recognized university.

(ii) Certified Public Accountant (K) or its equivalent.

Skills and Attributes:

(i) Conceptual thinker, ability to wade through data and arrive at conclusions

(ii) Attention to Detail

(iii) Strong analytical skill

(iv) Excellent written/verbal communication

(v) Interpersonal skills

(vi) Good organizational skills, proactive and self-drive for results.


(i) 3 years working experience in a busy accounting / auditing environment and preferably within the cooperative movement.

(ii) Membership to a relevant professional body in good standing.

(iii) Be competent in use of IT as a working tool.

How to Apply

Follow the two (2) step process below:

  1. Fill in the data form in the link;
  2. Then send a Cover Letter and detailed Curriculum Vitae (CV) to and state the Job Title and Reference number as the subject.

All applications must be received by 3rd February 2023.

NB: Those who do not qualify need not apply.