Logistics Officer Job Vacancy in Kenya

Position Title: Logistics Officer

Ref: EHC/1733/2023

Purpose of the Job: Reporting to the Operations Manager, He/she will be in charge of planning and coordinating the operations of the transport department in a manner that will optimize the company’s market share and improve the company’s efficiency, and help achieve the company’s mission and goals, and result in outstanding customer service.

Duties and responsibilities

  • Plan the day-to-day operations of transport department.
  • Receive and plan for customer orders related to cargo.
  • Acknowledge all the correspondences and respond to all queries from customer and stakeholders in consultation with the M/D, Logistics Director within 12 hours of receipt of query
  • Carry out daily vehicle/Driver allocation that will optimize the available trucks.
  • Report to MD any case of indiscipline that requires action immediately on occurrence.
  • Do all route planning before commencement of vehicles which will improve efficiency and turn around.
  • Analyse operating cost per vehicle and identify areas of improvement and recommend to supervisor.
  • Plan scheduled vehicle maintenance that allows for minimal down time of vehicles
  • Attend to all emergencies in a manner that safeguard customers’ goods and the company interest.
  • Ensure that all vehicles have necessary insurance and other legal documentation at all times.
  • Apply for licenses and inspection stickers at NTSA web portal.
  • Assist the MD in sourcing and procuring all service and repair parts in a cot effective manner.
  • Monitor all vehicles when in transit and report any diversion from planed route to Logistics Director for appropriate action.
  • Ensure that all third party payments have been requested in a timely manner from the customer in consultation with the accountant.
  • Ensure that departmental budget is done in consultation with the accountant and communicated to the Directors for approval.
  • Collaborate with police and insurance companies in handling accident claims and ensure company interest are safeguarded at all times.
  • Monitoring and reporting regularly to Logistics Director all the changes in the market which would impact on the business.
  • Preparing short and long term plans to ensure the continuity of the business
  • Assist the Logistics Director in preparing internal procedures to ensure the company has procedures and processes that reflect market reality.
  • Ensure that client’s cargo and interest are taken care of in case of disputes involving third parties.
  • Ensuring that the cargo is well secured and delivery note is well written before releasing the truck.
  • Take full responsibility of fuel management with the give App.
  • Ensure that all POD’s are properly signed as per the client requirement and in case of any discrepancies, you should be able to clear with the parties involved.
  • Maintain all inventory of spare parts and there records in store.
  • Attend to stakeholders meetings as a representative of the company when required to do so.
  • Ensure that clear and legible copies of all documents are made and properly filed.
  • Ensure that all money paid to third parties is well documented and has been invoiced by the accountant.
  • Any other duty assigned by the Logistics Director/Managing director.

Minimum Qualifications:

  • Degree in Logistics Management or related field from a recognized university
  • A minimum of five (5) years’ experience in managing trucks and or fleet of vehicles.
  • Excellent analytical, organizational and problem-solving skills.
  • High integrity and self -driven person.

Personal Attributes / Skills Required

  • Excellent team building qualities and, in a position, to motivate
  • Numerical competence and Business awareness
  • Ability to Multi-task as will be handling many issues the same time.
  • Commitment, Interpersonal and motivation skills
  • Attention to detail and Problem-solving skills
  • Ability to maintain confidentiality.
  • Professionalism and high integrity.
  • Supervisory skills and Team building skills
  • Communication and Time management skills
  • Computer skills and ability to operate spread sheets at a highly proficient level.
  • Strong Personality and ability to understand logistical challenges.

How to Apply

Qualified candidates should apply by sending their CV and cover letter to the address below by close of business Wednesday 1st February 2023 quoting current and expected salary to recruitment@eaglehr.co.ke