Institutional Fundraising Manager Job Vacancy in Kenya

 CBM Global Disability Inclusion

Position Title: Institutional Fundraising Manager 

Reports to:

The Institutional Fundraising Manager will report to the Executive Director

Job Overview and Core Purpose

Within the CBM Global Federation, institutional fundraising is undertaken by multiple teams but to date there is no central institutional fundraising function. The purpose of this role is to establish a central function within the CBM Global Secretariat. This role will lead on further defining the core purpose and strategy of this central function and ensuring this is then effectively fulfilled. The aim of the role is to enhance the effectiveness of institutional fundraising across the Federation, resulting in increased income and growth.

The role will involve a mix of directly undertaking institutional fundraising activities; supporting others with their fundraising work and building capacity within the Federation; leading on coordination and learning between those involved in institutional fundraising across the Federation; and creating an enabling environment for institutional fundraising within the Federation through ensuring appropriate Federation wide procedures and ways of working.

Based: This role can be based in any CBM Global Office. Applications are therefore encouraged from those with the right to work in: Bangladesh, Bolivia, Burkina Faso, Indonesia, Kenya, Lao PDR, Madagascar, Nepal, Nigeria, Philippines, Zimbabwe, as well as Australia, Belgium, Netherlands, Germany, Ireland, New Zealand, Switzerland and the UK.

Hours: Full-time

Salary range: The salary offered will be competitive, dependent on skills and experience, as well as country of location. We offer a local contract.

Responsibilities and Duties

Strategy and leadership

Further define the core purpose and strategy of the Secretariat institutional fundraising function and lead on fulfilling the strategy.

Lead the Federation Institutional Funding Working Group

Support teams across the Federation to prioritise which donors / consortium leads to focus on, in a coordinated way, with a view to achieving funding growth for the federation as a whole.

Provide close support to country level Institutional Fundraising Managers in CBM Global programme countries (currently 2 roles), supporting them to fulfil their roles effectively and successfully.

Identify institutional funding capacity gaps within the Federation, with a particular focus on country teams. Provide training, coaching and mentoring to build capacity where appropriate; and identify and propose alternative approaches where necessary.

Ensure there are fully fit for purpose procedures and policies in place across the Federation to enable successful institutional Fundraising. This will involve reviewing and updating existing procedures and developing new ones where there are gaps.

Promote a collaborative and mutually supporting working culture across the Federation.

Develop and implement a plan for pursuing funding opportunities in new markets for CBM Global, such as the USA.


Ensure elimination of any duplication or gaps within Institutional Fundraising across the Federation.

Be first point of contact for any team identifying a new funding opportunity or with an Institutional Fundraising question.

Act as curator of stakeholder information, funds & project ideas on Global Online (CBM Global’s project management system).

Coordinate the sharing of institutional funding learning and best practice across the Federation.

Coordinate Go / No Go decisions for funding applications that this role will lead on and for other funding applications where required (e.g. where there is a dispute or other complications).


Support the creation of collateral ('sales' and promotional materials) and propositions to be used / adapted by all teams, through for example assembling information, case studies, sample text, photos. Directly create collateral where necessary.

Scanning and relationships

Coordinate scanning for new opportunities using centralised tools like Devex & Funds4NGOs.

Lead on scanning for opportunities with, building relationships with, developing knowledge about, developing an engagement strategy with specific donors / consortium leads that are assigned to the post holder as the relationship lead.

Proposal development

Lead on proposal writing for applications that the Secretariat will be responsible for. This may include development of some proactive / pre-emptive project concepts ready for future calls for proposals.

Provide proposal development surge capacity (including physical presence where appropriate), usually to Country Teams and/or coordinate the provision of surge capacity by others in the Federation.


Responsible for grant management / compliance for grants where the Secretariat is the lead entity.

Safeguarding responsibilities


Understands what safeguarding means for the teams / departments they manage and the work they do. Understands power imbalances and ways in which team/organisational culture may be reinforcing negative stereotypes and biases, and the impact of these dynamics on the vulnerable and marginalised.


Leads teams to develop the necessary skills and expertise to undertake their roles and responsibilities for safeguarding. Explicitly and visibly challenges power imbalances, inequalities, gender bias and discrimination in organisational systems and processes. Leads on organisational change within their teams to embed safeguarding in their work and processes. Develops indicators and frameworks for measuring how well teams are delivering on roles and responsibilities for safeguarding. Creates organisational mechanisms which strengthen accountability to communities, Members and donors on safeguarding.


Holds teams accountable for delivering on safeguarding standards. Articulates and promotes the strategic importance of safeguarding in all aspects of the organisation’s work. Demonstrates leadership in ensuring that staff, programmes and operations are safe for all programme participants, staff and volunteers.

Key outcomes expected from this role

  1. Increased income for CBM Global
  2. The institutional fundraising function of the Secretariat is clearly defined and understood across the Federation. A strategy is in place to ensure the successful realisation of this function.
  3. A coordinated and coherent approach to institutional fundraising across the Federation
  4. Clear Federation procedures related to institutional fundraising: particularly for country level and other opportunities not being pursued/accessed by Members
  5. Increased institutional fundraising capacity and know how within the Federation, particularly in Country Teams

Person Specification

All of the following requirements are Essential, unless marked with a * when they are Desirable.

Experience and knowledge

  • Significant experience as an Institutional Fundraising Manager.
  • Experience working within a federation structure. *
  • A track record of success in building relationships and networks with donor organisations and writing and submitting winning funding applications.
  • Excellent knowledge of the international development donor environment and of current donor / funding trends
  • Experience of organising teams internally to achieve institutional fundraising success
  • Experience in training and capacity building
  • Experience in the disability sector*
  • Lived experience of disability*

Skills/competencies/personal qualities

  • Strong leadership skills
  • Proactive and propositional. Able to shape and define this role and make it a success
  • Strategic thinker and a doer. Able to shape strategy and deliver it. Comfortable working at strategic and operational levels
  • Excellent relationship building skills
  • Adept at working on multiple things at once and at prioritising
  • Strong influencing skills and adept at influencing others.
  • Excellent written and verbal communication

Qualifications, training, and education

  • Educated to degree level or above

How to apply

More information about CBM Global Disability Inclusion can be found by visiting the CBM Global website:


  1. Use this link: Job Openings ( apply
  2. Prepare your CV in English please, as you will need to upload it into our ATS system.
  3. Download and complete the Application Form in English please, as you will need to upload it into our ATS system.
  4. No email applications will be considered. If you have any problems with the system, please redirect them to our email address with the following format: Family Name First Name: (Institutional Fundraising Manager, COUNTRY).