Digital Safety and Security Training for PADD and partner's staff Consultancy Opportunity in Nairobi, Kenya

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Protestant Agency for Diakonia and Development (PADD) and Consultant

Project: Digital Safety and Security Training for PADD and partner's staff

Project Period: 5 days in March 2023

Reporting to: PADD management

The due date for receiving applications: 31 January 2023

PADD is offering a consultancy to (Name of Consultant) for the training of PADD and selected partner organization's staff on Digital Safety & Security.

During the consultancy period, the consultant will develop content for and deliver comprehensive training to enhance the staff's digital safety and security awareness. The training should implement a holistic and integrated approach relevant to the context of PADD and partners' objectives and the staff areas of operation.

We are seeking a highly-skilled, experienced Digital Safety & Security expert who will be responsible for facilitating the capacity-building sessions for PADD and the partner's staff. In this role, you should be a seasoned security professional and an excellent facilitator and communicator. Ensuring creative content delivery of relevant digital security knowledge is essential. We'd love to hear from you if you also have a solid technical background and are highly knowledgeable in digital security management and online security protocols. Additional expectations for this work during the engagement period are outlined below.

Responsibilities are as follows:

  1. Establish exact training needs for the organization based on work/region context
  2. Prepare the relevant content package for the training based on the organization's need
  3. Facilitate the training sessions with the staff focusing on:
    • Introduction to Digital Safety & Security
    • Digital Hygiene
    • Access Control
    • Digital Profile Management
    • Data Management
    • Secure Communications
    • Any other security topics identified in the needs assessment
  4. Facilitate post-training engagements to enhance personal and organizational behavior change
  5. Contribute to discussions on ways to improve PADD and partner's digital safety & security


  1. Build the capacity of PADD and partner's staff in digital safety and security awareness
  2. A simple, interactive, and creative approach to content delivery during the sessions
  3. Support the development of PADD and partner's Security policy post-training

How to apply

The proposal must include at least (but not limited to) the following:

✓ Your full contact information,

✓ Core competencies (description of expertise including language/regional experience and CV of proposed consultants),

✓ Methodology

✓ Financial proposal, providing a full and detailed breakdown of days per member of staff and additional charges (travel costs (per diem and flight), communication, postal charges, and others). Your financial proposal should be for professional fees and disbursement costs (see the template below).

✓ Renewed Business and/or Professional licenses (Scanned copy)

✓ Taxpayer Certificate or Tax Identification Certificate (TIN) (Scanned copy)

✓ Educational certificates (MSc/MA, BSc/BA) of Team Leader (Engagement Leader) and Professionals/Specialists who will be engaged in work. (Scanned copy)

For your financial proposal, please use the template below:

Cost Component No. of Professionals No. of days Unit Cost Total rate for the contract

(USD/EUR) duration (USD/EUR)

- Training on Digital Safety and Security

  • Professional Fees (including per diem)
  • Hotel Accommodation (if applicable)
  • Round-trip airfare (if applicable
  • Miscellaneous expenses visa, communication, COVID-19, etc.)
  • Training on digital safety and security