Farmers Liaison Officer Job Vacancy in Kenya

A leading agribusiness company in Kenya is seeking to fill the position of a Farmers Liaison Officer.

Overview: Reporting to the Field Relations Officer, the FLO will be responsible for farmers training, recruitments, orchard management, guide farmers on seedlings planting and management, inspection, farmer visits, farmer complaints handling, GPS and other data collection as assigned, harvesting activities, crop estimates, advise farmers on cultural practices, competitor activities in the region, submitting reports to the office, record maintenance and completion, implementation and maintenance of Olivado Internal
Management System and other statutory requirements, other duties as assigned by immediate supervisor.

Responsibilities and Duties:

A1: Farmers Relations and Harvesting Operation Duties

1. Identifying potential avocado farmers in the target regions in Bungoma, Kakamega, Busia, Trans Nzoia, Muranga and Kiambu counties who can join the Olivado program and recruit them based on Olivado producer/ member recruitment procedure.

2. Visit each allocated farmer at least twice in a month all through year to accomplish tasks as specified in procedures and forms.

3. Ensure that all farmer details, location, age, gender, number of trees and other important information is well captured and updated on a regular basis in the Olivado Data Management system.

4. Train farmers on the best avocado seedling planting procedures and guide them on the best practices to guarantee highest survival rates.

5. Train and work with farmers on the best practices of orchard management, organic farming and nutrition aspects.

6. Estimate the amount and the value of organic manure used by farmers for planting and regular application to the avocado seedlings.

7. Identify farmers with the capacity to incorporate African Leafy Vegetables (ALVs) in their farming and educate them the importance of ALVs on nutrition and diversification.

8. Estimate the quantity and value of ALVs produced by farmers above and record the information in the Olivado Data Management system.

9. Ensure all farmer concerns are addressed promptly by communicating via the data system.

10. Conduct crop estimates and update the information at each farm visit.

11. Ensure all cultural practices (weeding, pruning, manure application, mulching) within the farm are completed in a timely manner as per Olivado Internal Management System.

12. Conduct on-farm demonstrations on best agricultural practices such as erosion control, manuring, pruning, mulching, weeding and planting of cover crops.

13. Ensure all hygiene procedures (Hand washing facilities, waste pits, clean toilets, waste pits, signages) are implemented as per Olivado internal management system requirements.

14. Identify suitable individuals within the village who can be engaged as seedling planting assistants, harvesting team members and recommend them to the Field Relations Officer for appropriate training.

15. Develop and training harvesting teams within each village and maintain contact with them (All harvesting teams to come from within walking distances from farms).

16. Promote company products such as Avogrow and seedlings or services such as pruning to farmers and ensure good uptake of the same.

17. Complete data collection forms whenever weeding, manure application, plant protection application, pest trapping, pruning and other such cultural practices are implemented in order to ensure proper records are maintained.

18. Prepare reports as required by the data system.

19. Seek assistance from the Technical Officer when required.

20. Any other tasks assigned by the Field Relations Officer.

A2. Farm inspection duties

1. Farm inspection duties to verify compliance against statutory and voluntary standards (The Field Relations Officer in consultation with the Compliance Officer will assign the Farmers Liaison Officers inspection duties)

2. Following up on closure of non-compliances identified during the internal inspections.

3. Address improvements in areas noted during the internal inspections.

A3. Data collection duties

1. Collection of data to assist with the understanding of the growth and production of the avocado crop and other information for the improvement of Fresh Export sales as well as oil Production.

2. Complete data collection forms for reporting activities of competitors and other activities that may affect the company’s operations, including county government activities.


1. Certificate/ Diploma in Agriculture or any other related course.

2. Ability to communicate effectively with the farmers / farmers groups. Thus, mandatory:

a. Good understanding of the local community (i.e. village community structure, culture, problems, attitudes and knowledge).
b. Local language skills (reading, writing, speaking),
c. English & Swahili reading, writing, and speaking skills.

3. Ability to use mobile devices.

4. Ability to prepare field records and reports.

5. Energetic, able to walk long distances looking for farm(ers).

6. A good team player.

7. Ability to work on odd days including working during weekends and public holidays when required.

8. Good organizational skills.

Other key desired attributes: –

a. Three years’ experience in the production of horticultural crops.

b. Knowledge of avocado fruits value chain including harvesting procedures, desired maturity for both fresh and export fruits and quality grades.

c. At least one day practical inspection course setting out basic principles of inspection.

d. At least two witness inspections accompanying an auditor, could be Global G.A.P. or Organic, Fair Trade or others.

e. Food safety and good agriculture practice (GAP) training.

i. Training in HACCP principles.
ii. Food hygiene training.
iii. Plant protection, fertilizer use and integrated pest management training.

f. Ability to work independently under minimal supervision and within a team.

g. Ability to contribute to the planning of the company’s future relationships with farmer suppliers and future strategic development of the company.

How to Apply

Qualified individuals should submit a cover letter and a Curriculum Vitae as one pdf document, via email with the subject Farmers Liaison Officer to to reach us on or before 16th December 2022.