Tushop Customer Advocate Job Vacancy in Kenya


Position Title: Customer Advocate

Who we are: We are Tushop. And Tushop is made up of an impact-driven team striving to build something of value in this world. We dream big. And we are persistent.

And we know we’re here to dominate. To dominate with grace, kindness, and style, with our sleeves rolled up.

Tushop is at an early but exciting stage in our history. We’ve now raised a few million dollars from some eminent investors to tackle one of the biggest problems there is – the cost of food – by leveraging the magic of community group buying.

What we do has great impact – by working with us, you can wake up in the morning believing that every minute working helps people get food more cheaply and conveniently.

We help farmers and suppliers make products people want. We empower stay-at-home moms without formal employment to make incomes on the side and feel pride with how they support their communities and neighbors.

We help young entrepreneurs who run cyber cafes, beauty shops, and kiosks to provide more value to their customers. We help anyone who buys food to be able to do so more cheaply and conveniently.

And we help our own employees learn what they want to learn, build what they want to build, and become who they want to become (and get paid doing so!)

Your role: Tushop is an early-stage startup and therefore your role will be foundational, running for an initial 3 months. We are looking for a customer-obsessed operator who will be responsible for engaging and supporting our end customers.

The ideal candidate will be a people person, a good communicator, and a problem solver who is patient and empathetic. They will have the ability to create rapport with people, easily spot problems and solve them with ease, and use their skills to keep our end customers happy and engaged.

Your responsibilities as our Customer Advocate:

  • Providing world-class customer support to new and returning end-customers
  • Engaging with end customers through outbound calls and informing them about our products and services
  • Following up with inactive end-customers and providing support to help them get reactivated on
    our platform.
  • Implementing end-customers onboarding process for new customers acquired by the Sales and
    Marketing teams
  • Resolving end-customers complaints and providing feedback to the team with regards to the
    complaints received
  • Informing end customers about our offers, explaining to them how they can benefit from the offers and answering questions about our products
  • Keeping records of customer interactions, documenting feedback from such interactions and taking action in good time, with support from relevant teams within Tushop
  • Recommending potential products to the team by collecting customer feedback and analyzing end customer needs
  • Going the extra mile to engage customers through follow-up calls for issues previously unresolved
  • Conducting weekly Customer Satisfaction Surveys with end customers and relaying feedback into our CRM tool

Customer Advocate Qualifications:

  • Bachelor’s Degree or Diploma with a focus on Sales and Marketing, Operations Management, or any
    business-related field
  • 2+ years of experience working in Customer Support, Sales and Marketing, or Operations
    Management in a busy environment. Previous experience at a tech startup is a plus
  • Proven customer support experience
  • Familiarity with CRM systems and practices
  • Ability to multitask, prioritize, and manage time effectively
  • Active listening, and great communication and presentation skills

Customer Advocate Key Traits:

  • A love for connecting with people. This trait will help you in building great relationships with
    our end customers
  • Incredibly empathetic and understanding of our end customers. You will be an excellent advocate for our Customers and are passionate about improving their customer experience
  • Collected and calm under pressure. You have superb organizational skills, integrity, and
    excellent follow-through on tasks
  • Open and curious. You love learning how things work and you’re always looking for ways to innovate
  • A good communicator. You’re eloquent and able to strike the perfect tone, whether you’re explaining a new product to our customers or resolving a complaint, and ensure Tushop’s Value Proposition for its end customers is landed in every contact with you
  • You embody our principles (below)

Our Core Values: Reliable, Innovative, Customer-centric, Ambitious, Do right by others (RICAD)

1. We find reliability sexy. Our colleagues and customers know that we get things done, well. We know that we are reliable by being excellent and consistent executors.

2. We are relentless in our pursuit of innovative and simpler ways of doing things. The status quo is never
good enough. The only constant is change, and we seek it always for the better.

3. Customers are at the center of what we do. We think hard about how we can delight customers in big and small ways. We obsess about customers’ experiences and don’t expend energy on bureaucracy, politicking, or competitors.

4. Ambition is our fuel. We think big but know that everything starts small much like the oak tree that starts out as an acorn. We want to build big businesses and have a big impact. We build with scale in mind.

5. We do right by others because we want to have a net positive effect on those around us – employees, peers, managers, customers, suppliers, farmers, Community Leaders, citizens…and we take this seriously.

We realize that sometimes doing what’s right might not be the most popular choice. We also realize that we might not always get it right, and in such instances, we take pride in course correcting.

Why Tushop?

If you’ve ever been curious to see the initial days of a company and be part of that story, then this is your chance. Since we are at an early stage, you will be able to see and feel the direct impact of your work.

You will have ownership of your tasks and you will not be micromanaged. You will make things happen. Lastly, you will work with a fun, fast-moving, customer-centric, reliable, and supportive team.

Why not Tushop?

  • We experiment a lot. If you like dotting all your i’s and crossing all your t’s before making a move, then you might not enjoy working with us.
  • We are low-ego individuals. If you need praise, need to always be right, or need someone else to fail to feel self-worth, this role is not for you.
  • We believe that fieldwork makes the dreamwork. We don’t hide behind laptops every day; we instead thrive by engaging with customers, suppliers, partners, and teammates on the phone and in the streets. (We find it invigorating – and hope you’d find it that way too!)

If this sounds like a role that is exciting to you, please send us your application via Tushop Job Application. If not, then please share this JD with someone who might be a great fit!