Empowering Tea Communities in Kenya Communication Plan Development Consultancy Opportunity in Kenya - ActionAid

Terms of Reference for Empowering Tea Communities in Kenya Communication Plan Development

Closing date: 28 Oct 2022 

1. Introduction

ActionAid International Kenya (AAIK) is a non-partisan, nonreligious development organisation that has been working in Kenya since 1972 to end poverty and injustices. AAIK is among the leading anti-poverty agencies in Kenya having presence in 16 counties working directly with over one million people living in poverty and exclusion. We are un-apologetic in advancing Women’s Rights and ensuring that Women Living in Poverty and Exclusion are at the centre of our work. AAIK commits to working with women, children and youth living in poverty and exclusion to claim and realise their constitutional rights through three main pillars of Human Rights Based Approach (HRBA); empowerment, solidarity, and campaigning.

1.1 Project Background ActionAid is partnering with the Ethical Tea Partnership, to ensure tea farmers and workers in Kenya are able to claim their rights to a positive working environment. This three year collaboration with Ethical Tea Partnership, supported by ETP members Taylors of Harrogate and Lavazza, will empower smallholder farmers and informal workers in three tea growing communities in Kenya. Most of these workers are young, landless women. This partnership was formed because we believe smallholder farmers and tea workers need to be empowered and fully informed so they can claim their rights to a positive working environment that is free from violence. They should also have access to fair pay and essential services like healthcare, education, clean water, and safe housing for themselves and their families. Throughout this collaboration, we will consult with smallholder farmers, informal workers, various tea value chain stakeholders and relevant government ministries to understand the issues they face and the impact of industry practices on their lives. We will then work with them to form groups, engage key tea industry and government stakeholders in the development of action plans aimed at fostering their envisioned change. By engaging directly with the tea industry in this way, we can have a positive impact on approximately 300,000 small-scale farmers and 600,000 informal workers in Kenya.

2. Purpose of the assignment

Development of a Communication Plan under the Empowering Tea Communities project.

3. Scope of Work

The consultant will be responsible for producing a comprehensive communication plan. The consultant will deliver a detailed work plan for delivering this piece of work. An initial, brief but clear methodology will be submitted in the technical offer and form part of the assessment for selecting the successful consultant. The successful consultant will be expected to operate within AA policies on safeguarding and principles of ‘Do No Harm’, and within global feminist principles.

4. Eligibility

This “Call for Expression of Interest” is open to individual consultants and firms.

5. Role of the Consultant

The consultant is expected to:

  • Develop a communications plan that adheres to protocols set by ActionAid Kenya and Ethical Tea Partnership. This task should ensure that the developed ETP communications plan is an excellent fit into the existing ETP and AAIK communication strategy. The plan should detail the probable communication targets and stakeholders, risks and mitigation plan, communication mediums, roles and responsibilities of project stakeholders, communications planning, and communication objectives.
  • Ensure the plan developed above has a clear crisis communication segment.
  • Develop KPIs for communications activities and a clear reporting mechanism on campaign performance with the ability to distill and curate insights and findings.
  • Develop project messaging and content development procedures.
  • Ensure alignment with ETP and AAIK digital content strategy and digital editorial guidelines.
  • Ensure alignment with ETP and AAIK’s brand strategy and guidelines.
  • Conduct an overview of the AAIK communications strategy and make recommendations, if any, emanating from changing contexts.
  • Use a thorough review process to finalise the plan based on stakeholder feedback

6. Desired expertise and educational qualifications

  • Bachelor's degree in Marketing, Communications, English, Advertising or Journalism
  • 5+ years’ experience in communications, marketing, public relations, and/or agency environment
  • Deep understanding of the media landscape – electronic and print; offline and online.
  • Excellent written and verbal communication geared towards strategic development.
  • Experience with metrics and reporting.
  • Experience with creative direction, including print, digital, photography and video.
  • Exceptional interpersonal skills and the ability to work with a variety of team members in all capacities.
  • Strong ability to think creatively, solve problems, set priorities and work under pressure.

7. Deliverables

  • Study ActionAid’s partnership with the Ethical Tea Partnership to have a deep comprehension of their communications needs, goals, and objectives.
  • A work plan and inception report detailing the delivery of the task.
  • Lead a 2-day residential workshop to collate feedback and input in the plan’s development.
  • Compile and provide a comprehensive and coherent communications plan.
  • A presentation to the AAIK, ETP and KTDA team on the developed plan.
  • A brief on the analysis of the overarching AAIK communication strategy, including recommendations if any.

8. Other important requirements

  1. The final materials produced should be consistent with ActionAid International Kenya brand, ActionAid theory of change, HRBA approach and in line with ActionAid Kenya’s country strategies.
  2. It is mandatory that the consultant shall abide by ActionAid Kenya’s safeguarding policies i.e., Anti-Sexual Harassment, Child Protection, Code of Conduct, Do No Harm Principles, and Whistle Blowing.

9. Bid Documents

i. Technical proposal (not exceeding 8 pages): The technical proposal should reflect the consultant’ (s) understanding of the task and how he/she intends to satisfactorily deliver on the task/ methodology. The applicant will provide a detailed work plan of specific activities and a timetable for carrying out the assignment.

ii. Financial Budget: The consultant shall propose a realistic cost estimate for this assignment, including a breakdown of the budget and justification of expenses. The budget shall include only those costs that can be directly attributed to the activities proposed. The budget should also include a proposed mode and structure of payment.

iii. Attributed to the activities proposed. The budget should also include a proposed mode and structure of payment.

iv. Reference information on previous and related assignments. Copies of or links to two previous works of a similar nature. These attachments should STRICTLY be limited to communications plans (or communication related material) developed over the past three years.

10. Validity period

All applications will be assumed to be valid until 22nd December 2022, unless otherwise specifically noted by the applicant.

Evaluation and Award of Contract

11. Bid Analysis & contracting

Bid analysis and contracting will take place soon after the deadline and the successful candidate notified. The successful candidate will be asked to confirm availability. Terms of payment will be agreed upon before drawing and signing of the contract. Any necessary negotiations will be held at this point.

12. Time Frame

The assignment is expected to be commenced within 1 week from the date of contracting. The whole assignment takes a maximum of 45 days.

How to apply

Send your developed overview of the assignment and mode of delivery template (complete with financial considerations) to Procurement.Kenya@actionaid.org on or before the close of business 28th October, 2022.

Women candidates are strongly encouraged to apply

Only short-listed candidates will be conducted.