Delegate, Community-based Surveillance (CBS) Job Vacancy in Kenya - International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies

Position Title: Delegate, Community-based Surveillance (CBS)

Delivering quality in programmes and operations

  • Support the assessments, and implementation of CBS in CP3 countries in line with workplans.
  • Support the ongoing development of community-based surveillance tools and guidance in collaboration with relevant IFRC divisions and partner National Societies.
  • Coordinate in the Region for a consistent and cohesive RC/RC approach to CBS, using standardised tools and materials and specialised CBS data management systems.
  • Promote critical thinking and innovative approaches and good practices for community-based surveillance and early action related to community epidemic and pandemic preparedness and response.
  • Build capacity of IFRC Africa Region to set up and manage CBS systems and provide technical guidance to National Societies for CBS trainings and subsequent implementation.
  • Support IFRC Africa Region to build National Society capacity to develop context relevant CBS structures, use and manage analytic tools for CBS – including data management, analysis, and visualization of CBS data.

Coordination and collaboration

  • Participate in appropriate inter-agency and internal coordination meetings related to CBS.
  • Support monitoring and evaluation of CBS for reporting, lessons learning and sharing, evidence generation and dissemination, and communications.
  • Prepare key program/project reports for donors and other partners to keep them informed of program progress.
  • Contribute to reports, presentations, publications and media communications on CBS.
  • Support program accountability
  • Support NS in using CBS data for decision-making and programme quality improvement

Contribute to an accountable and agile IFRC Health team

  • Provide regular progress reports on results towards objectives and risk analysis.
  • Producing and analysing reports for management, donors and partners.
  • Be flexible in the work definition according to needs and targets and improve team efficiencies and effectiveness within available resources.
  • Cultivate a co-creative environment with colleagues and an open and co-operative view of the actors in the external environment.

How to apply

Interested candidates can submit their applications using this link;