Part Time Lecturers / Facilitators Job Vacancies at Kenya Power

Kenya Power

Position Title: Part Time Lecturers / Facilitators

The Institute of Energy Studies and Research is a Division of Kenya Power and is looking for qualified
Part-time facilitators / Lecturers to teach both Diploma and Professional courses.

Part-time facilitators / lecturers with capacity to handle any of the following areas will be eligible:

  1. Electrical and Electronics Department – Job Ref: KP1/5B.2/3/1133
  2. Mechanical and Automotive Engineering – Job Ref: KP1/5B.2/3/1134
  3. Software Development, Computing and Information Technology – Job Ref: KP1/5B.2/3/1135
  4. Petroleum and Earth Sciences – Job Ref: KP1/5B.2/3/1136
  5. Management and Social Sciences – Job Ref: KP1/5B.2/3/1137
  6. Supporting Subjects (Engineering Mathematics or Engineering Drawing or Physics/Chemistry) – Job Ref: KP1/5B.2/3/1138
  7. Fiber Optics Communication – Job Ref: KP1/5B.2/3/1139
  8. Renewable Energy – Job Ref: KP1/5B.2/3/1140
  9. Power System and Electrical Safety – Job Ref: KP1/5B.2/3/1141
  10. Occupational Safety, Health and Environment – Job Ref: KP1/5B.2/3/1142
  11. Internet of Things – Job Ref: KP1/5B.2/3/1143
  12. Information Technology – Job Ref: KP1/5B.2/3/1144
  13. Data Analytics – Job Ref: KP1/5B.2/3/1145
  14. E-mobility /Electric Vehicles Technology and Charging System, Energy Storage – Job Ref: KP1/5B.2/3/1146
  15. Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Development Technology – Job Ref: KP1/5B.2/3/1147

How to Apply

Interested persons should submit their applications online through visiting Kenya Power website on

Applications should be received not later than Friday, 7th October 2022.

While applying quote the title of the position you are applying for and area of specialization.

Include your day time telephone numbers, e-mail addresses and names and addresses of three (3) referees.

NB: Kenya Power is an equal opportunity employer, Female and Person Living with Disability (PWD)
applicants are highly encouraged to apply.

Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted.

Canvassing will lead to automatic disqualifi cation.

Kenya Power is an Equal Opportunity Employer.