HealthRight Kenya (HRK) is a health and human rights non-governmental organization, set up in 2005, with the head office at Golden Ivy Plaza, Karen Road, Nairobi. It works with marginalized communities and the general population to eliminate the gap in health outcomes and expand access to quality health systems. The organization is made up of a growing team of 20 staff. The organization has a presence in 5 counties with a strategic to growing its programs and portfolio within Kenya. HealthRight has a primary focus on 4 strategic areas namely.

  • Mental Health
  • Violence and SGBV and

HealthRight Kenya is soliciting proposals from eligible and interested firms or individuals to conduct capacity building for staff on business development, fund raising strategies, strategic thinking and effective proposal development.

  1. Overview

In partnership with its stakeholders, HealthRight Kenya has focussed on institutional capacity building to strengthen and enhance its internal capacity to business development and organizational growth. The organization has identified key gaps through a Training Needs Assessment and will be addressing the identified needs through capacity building and training. The capacity building is expected to be conducted between October 2022 and February 2023.

3.0 Objectives of the Consultancy

The advancement of HealthRight’s agenda is to be achieved by engagements and partnerships with governments, donors, private sector, philanthropists and stakeholders working around four areas of; HIV/AIDS, RMCAH, Violence and Mental Health issues nationally, regionally and internationally with special focus to marginalized communities. HealthRight aims to strengthen and expand on its role to address the issues in Kenya.

Accordingly, HealthRight is seeking an experienced and dynamic consultant to conduct a donor and stakeholder mapping and analysis, develop a fund-raising strategy that will enable the organization to achieve its strategic plan through forging effective partnerships, creating viable networks and developing quality proposals.

The overall goal of this consultancy is to conduct an analysis of the organizational capacity and donor landscape, develop a fund-raising strategy, tools and framework and empower a pool of organizational champions to strengthen HealthRight Kenya capacity to develop and improve skills on the following: networking & partnerships, resource mobilization strategies, effective proposal writing and organizational business development (prospecting, business intelligence and idea development).

However; the specific objectives are as below: -

  1. Donor Landscape Analysis
  • Undertake a donor mapping and analysis and draft a comprehensive report which includes but not limited to:
  • List of donors including bilateral and multilateral donors, foundations, and companies whose policies and practices uphold human rights principles
  • Donors’ key thematic/ focus areas and their relevance to HealthRight’ work and strategic plan
  • Donors’ key opportunities, their funding schedule/timeframe, and size of funding
  • Donors’ grant and contract process and main compliance requirements
  1. Develop a fundraising strategy which includes:
  • Sources of funds the organization should prioritize, including potentially non-traditional ones
  • Key relevant fundraising methods and activities
  • Internal structure required to achieve the fundraising strategy
  • Three thematic areas where HealthRight can pioneer and add value, and which are prioritized in development financing
  • Develop Concept notes that will be the basis of the organization’s fundraising in the four thematic areas. Participatory methodologies can be used
  • Conduct an in-depth regional stakeholder mapping and analysis and draft a comprehensive report which includes but not limited to:
  • List of relevant stakeholders and their ranking in terms of influence, power, and interest

Capacity Building/Training

  • To build strong capacity for staff to identify funding opportunities and donor search
  • To provide an opportunity for staff to understand donor dynamics and adaptation models in fund raising.
  • To enable teamwork and synergistic efforts in developing quality proposals.
  • To enable the team to understand the Business development strategy.
  • To train the staff on donor engagement/relations management
  • Develop a Plan of action for fund raising within HealthRight Kenya


The consultant will conduct analysis, review HealthRight documents, policies and strategies to develop a fundraising strategy, tools and framework and using the benefit of training needs analysis as proposed by HealthRight Kenya, the consultant should design an appropriate training and learning intervention. This training should be experiential, with specific practical tips and lessons. Learning should be through lecturers, syndicate discussions and brainstorming sessions, videos and, where possible, role plays. In addition, the participants should develop performance charter referred in our programme as the project. The Project is an activity, which comes towards the end of the course, when all relevant conceptual and demonstrative matters have been completed. These will be incorporated in a detailed report

5.0. Expected outputs


The consultant will be required to submit:

  • A high quality, comprehensive donor mapping and analysis report;
  • Fundraising strategy and four concept notes;
  • A high quality, comprehensive stakeholder mapping and analysis report
  • Presentation to the senior management team and to all staff
  • A training schedule/ program showing what will be covered in each day and session.
  • A full workshop report capturing the following;
    1. Key outcomes of the training
    2. Other proceedings of the training
    3. Recommendations from the training
  1. Consultant’s Capacity

HealthRight Kenya will engage a qualified consultant to provide the services described in this TOR. The qualification shall include:

  • Demonstrable prior experience in conducting business development and fundraising consultancy in the not-for-profit sector
  • At least ten years’ experience in producing and implementing fundraising strategies
  • Experience in partnership development financing.
  • Advanced University degree in non-profit management, international relations/
  • development, business, or related field.
  • Excellent leadership, organizational and time management skills
  • Excellent communication skills including in presentations, report writing and research
  • Excellent spoken and written English
  • Good judgement, pays attention to nuance and detail, takes initiative, high sense of responsibility, tact and discretion, with sensitivity to different cultures.
  1. Supervision

The Consultant will be expected to be self-motivated and able to work independently. Supervision and support will be provided by the Country Director and Senior Management Team who will also provide a general induction to the work, relevant background documents, and links to the relevant entities and/ or individuals across the wider organization and outside of it

How to apply

Deadline for Applications:

30th September 2022

How to apply: Applications to be sent to