Rescue Dada Centre Social worker Job Vacancy in Kenya

Position Title: Social worker


S/he is responsible for implementing social work activities conducted as part of Rescue Dada Centre’s Child Protection Programme in line with the Programmes Standard Operating Procedures; this will involve coordinating a multidisciplinary team and respective caseload from rescue through to graduation (case closure) to provide sharing of the workload and information, streamlining work practice, peer support, enhance creativity and high quality in common decision making and appreciate the knowledge/skills of different staff members ; supporting vulnerable girls and their families, and help improve outcomes in their lives; maintaining professional relationships and act as guide and advocate for children’s rights. S/he will treat children with respect, sensitivity and affection and will maintain discipline without recourse to physical punishment. S/he has to be flexible as the requirements vary according to the situation at the project and the psychosocial needs of the children under rehabilitation. S/he will report to the Head of Social Services Department, whose instructions must be carried out promptly and to the best of his/her ability. S/he will be required to undertake any other activities falling under the Child protection programme, as needed.


4R Approach implementation

  • Rescue: Regular street visits, rescue and admission of street connected girls from abusive environments in Nairobi and its surroundings, and complete all admission paperwork. This includes; acquiring relevant legal documents ; SCCO referral letter, Chiefs letter and OB numbers within the process of admission
  • Rehabilitation: Assessment of girls well-being, case assessment and identification of future caregiver; this involves visiting possible future homes and assessing their well-being in cooperation with the Empowerment Officer, identifying and registering foster careers. Reintegration: of rehabilitated girls into identified family settings; this will involve the provision of a reintegration pack to the girl inviting caregivers to pick the girls from the centre , conducting family counselling at the point of reintegration, and enrolling the child in the local school.
  • Resocialization: Conduct regular physical and phone follow up visits to reintegrated girls of the assigned case load. Networking with relevant Stakeholders, i.e. other CCIs, NGOs, Government Institutions. MDT implementation
  • Coordinating the case involving team members as per the need and requirements of RDC SOPs and Case Conferences
  • Organizing and leading bi-weekly case conferencing and work planning/revision meetings and any other additional case conferences based on need as decision making organ for the case;
  • Assuring implementation of support plans developed and seek support for the implementation from supervisors; Administration
  • Monitoring progress of the girl at different points in time through assessing the Child Status with the respective Child Status Index tool and support to the M&E Coordinator in any other relevant data collection efforts.
  • Assuring the availability of respective documentation of the conferences, planning meetings and record forms;
  • Assure that the girls’ case files are complete, describing the progress of every girl on his/her caseload; this includes the records required according to the standard operating procedures.
  • Regularly update the Programme database.
  • Develop individual Work plans and write up of training and activity reports. Team Work
  • Engage in constructive team work within the department;
  • Responsible to coordinate the case load and the assigned multidisciplinary team according to the respective standard operating procedures, to ensure quality and holistic care for all girls enrolled in Rescue Dada Centre’s Child Protection programme.
  • Provide back-up support to social work colleagues during rescue, assessment, reintegration and resocialisation process.
  • Attend fortnightly departmental meetings.


  • Must have a minimum of a Degree in social work or community work.
  • At least two (2) years’ relevant work experience.
  • Must be flexible, understanding and committed to realizing the rights of children.
  • Must be sensitive to the challenges facing street connected girls.
  • Must have sound knowledge of the Case Management Approach.
  • Must be a team player.
  • Must be prepared to work in potentially high risk environments.
  • Must be competent in using Microsoft Office applications such as Word and Excel.
  • Must have sound communication skills - empathic communicator, motivator;
  • Must have analytical & problem-solving skills;
  • Must be organized, accurate, independent and have a result driven working style;
  • Must be reliable, honest with a sincere work attitude.
  • Must have certificate of good conduct.
  • Must be conversant in English and Kiswahili.

How to apply

Applications should be sent to on or before 20th July 2022 with the subject line written Social worker. Kindly attach the cover letter, curriculum vitae and testimonials scanned as one PDF document.