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Tender Notice for Consultants for Financial Statement templates

MSF-OCA Kenya is part of Médecins Sans Frontières, an International, independent, medical humanitarian organisation that delivers emergency aid to people affected by armed conflict, epidemics, natural disasters and exclusion from healthcare. MSF offers assistance to people based on need, irrespective of race, religion, gender or political affiliation. MSF-OCA Kenya Office invite bids for prequalification of Consultant for Financial Statements template Tender Reference KENYA/MSFOCA/FINANCE/002/2022. All bidders interested in providing the above-mentioned service MUST have Advance Knowledge in Excel and be Certified/Chartered Accountant.

  1. Background & Purpose:  There exists a current tool based on Excel that has been in use to prepare Financial Statements for Kenya Office, Somalia and Lokichoggio; which has not been efficient and effective  The tool is laborious, time consuming and allows for data editing which creates room for data manipulation and errors, hence reducing the credibility of the Financial Statements  Compliance with International Financial Reporting Standards, local audit requirements and the NGO Board in Kenya  The need to prepare 2022 Financial statements with ease and speed, and for future use(s).  Improve on quality and efficiency of financial statement and data.
  2. Overall Objective:  The main purpose of this tenure is to assemble a tool that will be used by Kenya Office, Somalia and Lokichoggio in preparation for their Financial Statements as well as a consolidated Financial Statement. This will also include training to users and support.
  3. Specific Objectives:  To assemble a tool that will be used to prepare Financial Statements for Kenya Office, Somalia and Lokichoggio  The tool MUST comply with International Financial Reporting Standards with reference to preparation of Financial Statements.  The tool should be able to present 3 Financial Statements separately (Kenya Office, Somalia and Lokichoggio).  The tool should be able to consolidate the 3 Financial Statements into 1 Financial Statement.  The tool should be able to translate the 3 separate financial statements as well as the consolidated statement from the functional currency (EURO) to the reporting currency (Kenya Shillings)  The tool should be able to easily interface and be updated by simple export files from the OCA Kenya ERP System (UniField)  The Tool should be adaptable and versatile to allow for changes such as Cost Centres, Chart of Account codes, tax rates etc.  Template should be dynamic i.e. have ability to update with minimal charges, say if moving from one financial year to another  Template should have a function to allocate costs between projects and allow for easy conversion of currencies  The final template should be able to consolidate two or more projects together to form one template
  4. Support and Maintenance:  The Consultant should offer free support on the use of the tool upto 31st March 2023  Should provide a copy and a description of all warranties associated with the proposed tool  Should provide contact details for the personnel offering support (user support, update software, fixing errors, cleaning bugs etc )  Should list all support services to the tool.
  5. Deliverables:  An Inception Report: the Consultant should prepare the inception report prior to initiating the work.  The inception report will detail the consultant’s understanding of the task as well as proposed tool, methodology, deadlines and/or procedures. The inception report will also include a schedule of tasks, activities, timeline, deadline and deliverables during the contract period of 01st August 2022 to 31st August 2022.  A clean Gantt Chart indicating the deliverables to be strictly achieved between 01st August 2022 to 31st August 2022
  6. Experience Requirements:  The bidder must submit a relevant portfolio accompanied by references about the satisfactory delivery of completed projects of the same kind. The bidder shall provide separate reference for each project.  The projects included for references should have been carried out within the last 3 years.  The bidder must indicate in the proposal the breakdown of activities to carry out e.g. set up of the tool, implementation, configuration, user acceptance, training and support  Under these criteria, the team assigned by the service provider should have qualified and experienced resources required for this project.  Experience of the team leader in carrying out similar projects in the last 3 years  Experience of other team members in the last 3 years  Qualification and experience of staff assigned to the project
  7. Methodology:  Reporting to the Kenya Office Finance Coordinator  Directly work with the team especially the Kenya Office, Somalia and Lokichoggio.  Work plan with expectations to be met from Kenya Office, Somalia and Lokichoggio
  8. Output & Expected results:  Smooth importation of data into the tool  Generation of Financial Statements with the Trial Balance clearly summing up to 0  Specific objectives to be met  Advise on challenges on each of the specific objectives mentioned above  Tenure report – with recommendations Timeframe: First Draft by 01 August 2022 Final Draft by 31 August 2022 Remuneration: Negotiable

How to apply

How to Apply: Bidders may send an e-mail requesting for a Vendor Response Form with the above Tender reference indicated in the subject line. Potential consultants are expected to fill out, stamp the form and return by e-mail to MSF-OCA Kenya will subsequently respond to all who will have completed the VRF and provide further instructions for the pre-qualification and tender process to whom, in our opinion are capable of providing the services in accordance with the requirements that will be fully specified in the solicitation document. MSF-OCA Kenya should receive the bid documents not later than the stated closing date and time below: Closing date of tender submission**: 29th July 2022, 4.00pm Friday** All late submissions will be rejected. MSF-OCA Kenya reserves the right to accept or reject all Expression Of Interest either in whole or in part and is not bound to give reasons thereof.