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Terms of Reference: Communication Consultant


Oxfam in Kenya is a development, humanitarian and campaigning organization that works with others to challenge poverty and inequality. Oxfam envisages a transformed Kenyan society in which each individual regardless of gender, religion, ethnicity or social standing is able to access basic services and fully participates in decision making processes on issues that affect their lives and can be heard.

Oxfam has worked in Kenya since 1963 and is currently guided by the 2015-2020 strategic plan focusing on four goals;

  • Civil society maximizes civil society space and ensures more equitable raising and spending of financial resources at county and national level
  • Poor and marginalized communities get a fair share of natural resources and their benefits.
  • Women will gain power over their lives to participate in, and contribute to, public life.
  • The severity of future humanitarian crises on communities in Kenya is reduced.


Oxfam in Kenya in partnership with national partners, is implementing two projects one on Democracy, Climate justice and Education for All and the other on Civil society capacity building for improved fiscal justice.

These projects seek to tackle inequality and poverty by promoting economic and social justice through accountable, transparent and gender responsive policies on resource mobilization, allocation and spending.

Scope of work

This consultancy will specifically support;

  1. Support the OKOA Uchumi Coalition in design work of logos, policy briefs and other relevant documentation.
  2. Support Oxfam and FIA in the designing, packaging documentation of the USAWA festival products
  3. Support social media engagement, design & layout of documents, packaging information, providing infographics and social media amplification among other roles.
  4. Support the development audio-visual documentation (5 case stories) as a tool for advocacy during the implementation of partner activities (utilize audio-visual clips, voice pops, infomercials and short documentaries to drive online traffic).

Other responsibilities.

    • Monitor and evaluate communication results for the planned events. - Provide reports after completion of the communication activities as agreed.


The provision of the Services is from August – December 2022.

Fees and expenses

The consultancy fees will be exclusive of expenses and payment of the agreed fee and shall be due on completion of this assignment. In accordance with the Expenses Summary for Consultants, Oxfam in Kenya shall cater for all travel costs, telephone calls, stationary, photocopying and printing related to this assignment. However, where necessary, Oxfam in Kenya will reimburse those reasonable expenses necessary for the proper performance of the Services; provided these are agreed in advance and that you provide all relevant receipts. These expenses are in respect of general overheads, which would reasonably be expected to occur in the provision of consultancy services.

Tax and VAT arrangements

Oxfam in Kenya will deduct withholding tax from the consultancy fees which will be in conformity with the prevailing government rates and submit the same to the Government of Kenya. The consultant will be entitled to a copy of the tax submission certificate on request.

Intellectual Property and Confidentiality of Information

All documents, data and information accessed will be treated as confidential and used solely to facilitate the retreat. Individuals will not be quoted in the reports without their permission.

All the required documents and reports in their draft and final versions shall be submitted to Oxfam in Kenya within agreed timelines and shall remain the explicit property of the organisation.


The overall supervisor of this assignment will be by the Tax Justice Programme Officer and Tax Justice Strategist

Bid Requirements

Interested and qualified consultants are invited to submit their expressions of interest, which should include the following:

  • A suitability statement, including commitment to availability for the entire assignment.
  • Information demonstrating specific experience of the consultant relevant to the assignment including the scope and scale of similar assignments. Please provide details of similar assignment undertaken.
  • Technical capacity of consultants in terms of their qualifications and competencies for the assignment. Please attach detailed CVs and relevant portfolio undertaken in the past five (5) years.
  • A detailed financial proposal showing a clear breakdown of the costs including all the chargeable taxes.

Adherence to Oxfam principles and policies

Once hired, the consultant shall operate under the principles governing Oxfam ways of working including adherence to policies and procedures of Oxfam with regards to such key issues as non-partisan, neutrality, gender sensitivity, impartiality and accountability, mainstreaming of Gender and HIV/AIDS as well as other policies governing Oxfam operations on transport usage, security guidelines and confidentiality of information collected.

How to apply

Application process

Consultant is expected to submit their bid by July 29th, 2022 to the following address