A short-term Consultancy Opportunity to Support Pilot Activities to Strengthen the Veterinary Public Health Function in Selected AU Member States - African Union

Pilot Activities to strengthen the Veterinary Public Health Function in selected AU Member States


The Sustainable Development of Livestock for Livelihood in Africa (Live2Africa) project is a project being implemented by the AU-IBAR with support from the EU as part of implementation of the Livestock Development Strategy for Africa (LiDESA). The overall goal of the project is to transform the African Livestock sector for enhanced contribution to socio-economic development and equitable growth. The project’s specific objective is to strengthen the systemic capacity of the continental, regional and national livestock sector stakeholders, and institutions for transformation towards enhanced productivity, access to markets, provision of wholistic animal source foods, and contribution to public health.

The project has six result areas and result area two (2) aims at improving animal health service delivery in Africa. Among the key improvements targeted include the strengthening of PVS competencies in the MSs and the adoption of multisectoral approaches in service delivery. The National Veterinary Services in AU MSs are highly variable in terms of capacity and effectiveness in their support to the livestock sector. One of their key functions largely responsible for assuring market access, the safety of animal source foods and public health; the Veterinary Public Health function, is also among the weakest due to various challenges. A recent study on the status of the VPH function in Africa revealed glaring weaknesses and opportunities for its strengthening.

These TORs are intended to address the Live2Africa (animal health Component) activity on strengthening Africa's National Veterinary Services by facilitating implementation of some catalytic aspects of the VPH study road map.


The broad objective of the assignment is to provide support to the delivery of pilot programs to catalyse the strengthening of the VPH function in AU MSs.

Specific Tasks

The indicative tasks to be undertaken for this consultancy include:

  1. Review the VPH study report to identify high impact catalytic thematic actions that can be implemented over a period of not more than 6 months for support
  2. Develop a call for expression of interest to elicit proposals from interested/target Countries
  3. Analyse the country proposals and recommend the winning proposals for grants
  4. Provide technical support to the selected countries to implemented their activities
  5. Write the terminal report of the pilot programs and develop case studies to share experience with other AU MSs

Expected Outputs and deliverables

The outputs and deliverables will be as outlined below:

  1. A n identification dossier of catalytic high impact activities for piloting
  2. Proposals (technical and financial) by target countries on the activity selected for implementation
  3. Grant documents signed with selected countries
  4. Implementation report of the pilot activities
  5. Case Studies and lessons learned for scaling

Approach and Methodology

An individual consultant will be engaged for the assignment. The scope of the work will include reviewing the current VPH study report and coming up with pilot activities to address some of the needs identified in study countries. Activity with the potential for high impact and scaling will be prioritized as they have the likelihood to be useful for more than the implementing countries.

The consultant is expected to apply consultative, program management and capacity building (mentoring, guidance, advisory support, advocacy etc) approaches to bring the countries on board, and support them with the implementation of the selected activities.

Consultant Profile


At least a post graduate degree in Veterinary Public Health or One Health and project management.

General Professional Experience

The candidate must have at least 10 years of proven experience in delivery of programs in animal health and livestock development, and a good understanding of Monitoring and Evaluation

Specific Professional Experience

Demonstrable experience in program management and competence in various aspects of Veterinary Public Health including, governance, legislation, the management of emerging and re-emerging disease, zoonoses and antimicrobial resistance.

Other skills and Competencies

  • Practical understanding of the operations of the AU and its relations with MSs and RECs
  • Excellent oral and written communication skills
  • Proven Knowledge and experience of using participatory approaches
  • Ability to engage senior technical leaders and decision makers
  • Highly organized and systematic
  • Proven proficiency in either English and/French /Arabic/ and Portuguese

Evaluation Criteria

The applicants will be evaluated on the basis of the technical quality, relevant experience and competence in program development and management, and veterinary public health.

Criteria Max Points

Educational Qualifications 25

General Experience 30

Specific Experience 35

Other Skills & Competencies 10

Total 100

Duration and Management Arrangements

The assignment is designed to take a total of 90 days over a period of 6 months translating to about 15 working days per month.

Location of Assignment: The assignment will be delivered through a hybrid model with some in person and virtual activities at AU-IBAR HQ level, REC and in the MSs

Logistics: AU-IBAR will provide logistical, administrative and technical backstopping to the consultant. It will introduce the consultant to the AU Member States and support the organization of events as necessary. The consultant will be required to plan country visits and events in liaison with AU-IBAR and the responsible officers on the ground. In case of travel outside the consultant’s country, AU-IBAR will provide all travelling logistics. The consultant will be required to take care of their own medical/travel insurance.

Maximum Budget for the Consultancy

The maximum budget for the consultancy is USD 27,000.00 (Twenty-Seven Thousand USD Only). Travel expenses will be met by AU-IBAR.

How to apply

Submission of Applications

The deadline for submission of applications is 8th August 2022 midnight (Nairobi local time).

Applications MUST include the following documents:

  • Detailed curriculum vitae
  • Copies of academic/professional certificates
  • Copies of identification documents
  • Signed declaration on exclusion criteria in the form attached to these terms of reference

Applications should be submitted via email to: procurement-20220725-2@au-ibar.org. Applications submitted to any other address including to individual mailboxes within AU-IBAR will not be accepted. The email application should include the title of the consultancy in the subject of the email.

Requests for clarifications may be sent to the email: procurement-20220725-2@au-ibar.org by no later than 3rd August 2022.

A Personal Data Protection and Privacy Statement is also attached as information for the applicants.

Terms of Reference (English Version)

AU-IBAR Personal Data Protection and Privacy Statement

AU-IBAR Declaration Form