Resort Manager Job Vacancy in Eldoret, Kenya (100K)

Job Title: Resort Manager – Hospitality

Industry: Hospitality

Location: Eldoret

Reports to: Managing Director

Salary: 100K

Our client is a Group Holding Company who seeks to recruit a qualified Resort Manager to manage all aspects of the resort, including lodging, food and beverage management, human resources, housekeeping, attractions, and guest services.

You’ll be in charge of employees, finances, customer service, promotions, and quality control.

Resort manager will be responsible for maintaining the Resort supplies, hospitality services and event offerings.

Key Responsibilities

  • Ensure compliance with all government licenses and permits
  • plan and supervise the activities of an extensive and diverse workforce to ensure the smooth and profitable running of business.
  • Supervise work at all levels (receptionists, kitchen staff, Gardens, Amusement, Spa, office employees etc.) and set clear objectives
  • Plan activities and allocate responsibilities to achieve the most efficient operating model
  • Manage budgets/expenses, analyze and interpret financial information and monitor sales and profits
  • Develop and implement an intuitive and efficient marketing strategy to promote the hotel’s services
  • Communicate with customers when appropriate (welcome them in the facilities, address their complaints, find solutions to problems, offer information etc.)
  • Deal with maintenance issues, shortages in staff or equipment, renovations etc.
  • Collaborate with external parties such as suppliers, travel agencies, event/conference planners etc.
  • Inspect facilities regularly and enforce strict compliance with health and safety standards
  • Manage several customer service incidents and tend to emergencies including the amusement accidents & Incidents.
  • Experience in all facets of public / VIP relations, defining marketing strategy / sales and corporate image.
  • Check in with the housekeeping supervisor to ascertain adequate staffing, arrivals and departures, VIP arrival, special requests etc.
  • Control of inventory, overspending and payroll to maintenance.
  • Project management, purchasing/supplies approval for housewares, linens, repairs and maintenance materials, payroll and suppliers’ invoices for payment to vendors.
  • Implements inventory controls and ordering procedures. Act as an approve for all issues
  • Develop and implement resort procedures and training documentation.
  • General management of Resort/Amusements/Spa/restaurant facility.
  • Negotiate all vendor contracts as well as Customers agreements.
  • Communicate effectively with contractors and project managers to keep the project on track and solve any problems.
  • Lead by Example
  • Maintain a Budget

Key Restaurant responsibilities

1. Overseeing team performance

  • Leading staff is what managers are best known for. They have to make sure that everyone at the restaurant is performing their jobs successfully. Part of this key responsibility is conducting performance reviews. Resort manager have to evaluate how well employees execute on what they were hired to do. They need to be able to praise team members for jobs well done and identify areas for improvement. They can’t be afraid to have frank conversations.

2. Handling team conflicts

  • Resort manager is also responsible for handling conflicts between team members. They have to mediate problems to ensure that staff cooperate and create the best experience for guests possible.

3. Streamlining operations

  • Another aspect of leading the team is being able to identify tools and processes that streamline operations and help staff perform optimally. This responsibility can include equipping the front of house (FOH) team with technology to help make every guest feel like a regular. When your restaurant has reservations, seating, and waitlist management software that saves customer data to guest profiles, your manager and the FOH team can use that information to give guests memorable dining experiences and send them targeted promotions.

4. Hiring and onboarding new employees

  • Resort manager responsibilities is overseeing the hiring process. Managers are involved with creating job postings, interviewing candidates, picking new team members, and training them.
  • The education process is critical to a new hire’s success. It should include role-specific training and shadowing, customer service training, and tech training. When team members know how to use the tools at their disposal, they can perform better.

5. Ensuring and measuring guest satisfaction

  • The role of a resort manager involves conducting guest satisfaction checks on the floor. They must also handle customer complaints while keeping a cool head. Additionally, managers have to pay attention to guest feedback from review sites and reporting tools like guest satisfaction surveys that come from the restaurant’s reservations platforms and online orders. They need to listen to customers and use their feedback to create a better dining experience.
  • Managers can ensure guest satisfaction by creating memorable guest experiences with the help of a system that provides robust guest profiles. They can note customer preferences in profiles and make sure guests’ needs are met without being asked.

6. Inventory management

  • While a kitchen staff member may be the one tracking inventory, managers are usually the ones reordering supplies and negotiating rates and contracts with vendors. They’re the points of contact for deliveries and have to ensure that deliveries come on time and that vendor invoices are paid.

7. Managing finances

  • Speaking of invoices, managers are often involved in managing restaurant finances. They set and manage budgets, approve timesheets, and own the payroll process. The manager plays a strategic role in setting sales goals to ensure that there’s enough cash flow to pay employees and vendors.
    Reporting business performance to the restaurant owner is another one of the many Resort Manager duties and responsibilities. They must keep an eye on growth opportunities, like franchising or expanding, and share them with the owner.

8. Enforcing COVID-19 safety measures

  • While managers have always been responsible for overseeing safety measures related to food safety and theft prevention, the COVID-19 pandemic has added a new set of responsibilities to that list. Managers need to monitor local COVID-19 laws and create guidelines for customers and staff to follow. These guidelines might involve providing staff with PPE, conducting temperature checks, and spacing tables apart.


  • Degree in hotel management / Business administration (Doesn’t have to be in Hospitality.)
  • MUST have ability to read, understand and analyse financials & target for employees
  • Over 5 years in Management position, should have managed experience with KPI’s
  • Must have Managed sales and Marketing Strategy and Sales team
  • Creative Edge, Results driven, Have Liberal potential, Focus on must wins, knowledge on managing Team

How to Apply

If your background and competencies match the specifications of the post above, please send your CV only quoting the job title on the email subject (Resort Manager – Hospitality) to on or before 20th May 2022.