Consultancy Opportunity for Review of HR Policies BRAC International in Kenya


Request for Proposal: Consultancy for Review of HR Policies BRAC International

BRAC International (BI) is a leading non-profit organisation with a mission to empower people and communities in situations of poverty, illiteracy, disease, and social injustice. We design proven, scalable solutions that equip people with the support and confidence they need to achieve their potential. BRAC's institutional expertise on successfully implemented programs is applied across 10 countries, touching the lives of over 130 million people, where our models are adapted according to the country's context.

The policies of BRAC International are vital to the organization’s success, influencing its culture, operations, and performance. In order to maintain effectiveness, compliance, and adaptability, regular policy reviews are necessary. The objective of this consultancy assignment is to conduct a comprehensive review of all HR policies, with a focus on:

a) Reducing organizational risks

b) Enhancing employee well-being

c) Reinforcing competitiveness

d) Aligning with the organization’s evolving needs

Through this comprehensive policy review, BRAC International aims to establish a policy framework that minimizes risks, ensures employee well-being, sustains competitiveness, and aligns with the organization’s strategic goals.

Date of Issue: 1st October 2023

Details and Deliverables: More detail on the service required is provided in the Terms of Reference attached below.


Payment will be made as follows:

· 50% payment after completion of Phase I and Phase II

· 50% payment after completion of Phase III, Phase IV and Phase V

The Consultant must fill up their account information as per instruction

i) Account name ii) A/C number iii) IBAN number iv) Bank name v) Branch Address vi) E-mail address vii) Routing Number viii) Swift code/ BIC to the invoice while submitting their bill.

Payment will be made within 30 days after the relevant program or department confirms.

Documents Submitted:

(i) Copy of Trade License/ Equivalent.

(ii) Copy of VAT Registration Certificate/Equivalent.

(iii) Up-to-date copy of Tax payment receipt/ Equivalent.

(iv) Experience on this field as per ToR

(vi) Approach, methodology, and work plan.

(vii) Company profile and samples of previous work.

(viii). Credit Report (preferred) Contains a detailed breakdown of the credit history of the company (except for individual consultants).

Vat and Tax:

Submit your financial proposal inclusive of your country’s local VAT and Tax charges.

Contact Person Regarding ToR

Rima Karim (she/her)

Head of Safeguarding and Organisational Culture BRAC International

Email :

The service is being procured by BRAC International (Purchaser}The completed Proposal must be signed by the Consultant, and must be valid for a minimum period as indicated above from the Closing Date of the RFP.

How to apply

Closing Date and Time: 21st October 2023 and10:30 am Netherlands Local Time

Validity of Proposal: 90 days from the date of submission

Submission To: Please send an email to your proposal to Sending the proposal to any other email will disqualify the bidder.

Technical and financial should be separate files and submitted into one zip folder along with the necessary document (mentioned in below)