Background Information

DRC has been operational in Kenya since 2005 and is one of the United Nations Refugee Agency’s (UNHCR) largest Implementing Partners in the refugee response. DRC is present in Garissa (Dadaab & Garissa), Turkana (Kakuma, Kalobeyei & Lodwar), Nairobi and Mandera counties.

In Garissa county, DRC is implementing livelihoods, protection and gender-based violence (GBV) programming in the refugee camps as well as economic recovery interventions in the host communities affected by climatic change related disasters.

Project Background

In 2023 DRC with funding from Water Sector Trust Fund and Garissa County Government has expanded it humanitarian aid portfolio and it intends to rehabilitate strategic boreholes in livestock concentration areas, drill a borehole in Ifo refugee camp, conduct public health promotion interventions as well support the local community in developing sustainable and climate-adapted agriculture, pasture production and water resource management related interventions to secure water catchment areas. The boreholes were drilled many years ago and although the boreholes are functioning some of the borehole information are very scanty and the current condition of submersible pump and rising main cannot be determined. DRC together with the hydraulic modeling and designs intend to carry out borehole inspection with a borehole came as well as test pumping exercise to determine the current borehole characteristics/ parameters

Purpose of the Consultancy

The main objective of the consultancy is to seek a Consultant/Consulting firm to undertake preliminary investigations for the boreholes, topographical survey, hydraulic modelling and develop engineering design of the water supply systems at Birkin, Kiwanja and Kuhumato water supply system. The consultant will conduct topographical survey and use the survey data to conduct a hydraulic design for an effective water distribution network as well as advice the client on the best system configuration to improve on the efficiency of water distribution network in the 4 Project locations.

The specific objectives of this assignment are:

  1. Conduct preliminary investigations – Camera inspection, test pumping and water quality analysis for the 3 boreholes for rehabilitation.
  2. Conduct assessment of the community per capita water consumption in order to establish the demand for a period of more than twenty (20) years.
  3. Mapping out of key institutions with corresponding water demand, supply and the existing gaps.
  4. Produce a water supply system hydraulic design of Birkin, Kiwanja and Kuhumato in a workable scale showing the corresponding profiles of the proposed pipe network.
  5. Conduct hydraulic modelling of all the pipeline using EPANET software and develop hydraulic designs and BoQs..
  6. Deliver both the soft and hard copies of the data and designs to the client for validation during a workshop by the relevant stakeholders.

Scope of the Consultancy

  1. Test Pumping and Camera Inspection for Kuhumato, Birkin and Kiwanja Boreholes
  2. Visit each borehole site, physically inspect and interrogate their status with the surrounding communities
  3. Carefully remove boreholes cover and pull out pumping system
  4. Conduct camera inspection to determine the casings condition, any foreign objects present, boreholes depths and water rest level
  5. Mobilize equipment for test pumping using an appropriate pump for 24 hours and recovery for at least one hour.
  6. Water sampling for physical and chemical analysis in a Government approved laboratory.
  7. Assess status of the existing pump and solar system relative to test pumping results and give recommendation.
  8. Provide comprehensive reports for Test pumping and water quality analysis
  9. Provide camera inspection findings in an external hard drive.
  10. Provide Bill of quantities for equipping of the boreholes in the design report
  11. Each borehole will have its own design report.

Pipeline extension design

  1. Conduct a demand viz a viz the supply from the existing demographic and borehole data.
  2. Review of existing water supply in the locations and establish need for extensions.
  3. Undertake a system review for more economical pipeline routing options with energy conservation in considerations.
  4. Study existing pumping system with the intent to establish its efficiency and if there is need for upgrading for optimum utilization to meet demand.
  5. Simulation of the flows using Epanet.
  6. Pegging for the pipeline route
  7. Production and submission of Design report in both Soft and hard Copies

Key Deliverables

Test Pumping and Camera Inspection for the 3 boreholes

  1. Camera inspection report
  2. Test pumping report
  3. Water quality analysis report
  4. Provide recommendation on pump and solar system status and alternative improvement in line with test pumping results.
  5. Bill of quantities for equipping of the boreholes

Pipeline design

  1. Pipeline design for the entire target areas with all associated profiles and budgets
  2. Design and pipeline profiles including appurtenances
  3. Detailed drawings to be approved by a registered Engineer
  4. Engineers’ cost estimates- BOQ for pipeline extension with its associated civil works.


The final report shall be provided in 3 hard and soft copies in an external drive. Report shall be in Microsoft word text, table/graphs and spreadsheet shall be in Microsoft excel and drawings in at least AutoCAD and PDF.

Have separate design reports and BOQs for equipping of each borehole and associated pipeline extensions as per designs developed.

Time Frame

The assignment is expected to last 30 days and the time estimates for the various components are as follows:

  1. Preliminary survey/desk study – 3 Days
  2. Field Survey– 16 days
  3. Design work –6 days.
  4. Preliminary designs presentation – 1 day
  5. Final design and reporting – 3 days
  6. Submission of final documents – 1 day

The above stated durations are to be understood as guidance and it is the responsibility of the consultant to establish a detailed work program within the above time estimates. The estimated staff time inputs should be provided in accordance with the Consultant’s professional judgment and knowledge of the local conditions and needs.

Qualifications and Experience

Team leader

Master in Civil/water Engineering

At least 8 years experienced

Registered with EBK as professional Engineer with registration certificate

Have led in 5 similar assignments in the last 5 years

Water Engineer

Bsc. Civil/water Engineering

At least 5 years experienced

Registered with EBK as professional Engineer with registration certificate

Have worked in 3 similar assignments in the last 5 years

Electromechanical expert

Bsc. Electrical/Mechanical Engineering

At least 5 years experienced

Registered with EBK as professional Engineer with registration certificate

Have worked in 3 similar assignments in the last 5 years


Bachelor of Land survey or related pipeline survey

At least 5 years experienced

Have worked in 3 similar assignments in the last 5 years

Payment of Fees

The Consultant will be fully responsible for recruitment, contracting and payment of costs for all the study team members involved at all levels, except otherwise stated by DRC. The consultant will be responsible for their own costs such as meals, communication. Accommodation and transportation to/from the field will be organized by DRC.

Technical proposal

The bidder is expected to submit a technical proposal with their bid, which shall include and not limited to:

  1. A submission letter.
  2. A capability statement: The consultant to state and provide prove of the firm or individual’s experience relevant to the assignment.
  3. Particulars of the consulting firm/Individual consultants including curriculum vitae of the proposed experts and personnel to be included in the execution of the work.
  4. Registration documents showing the firm/consultant is registered with the Engineers Board of Kenya. Note - we expect all CVs (and related Registration Certificates) submitted to be of team members who will be physically involved in the design and present through assignment. Team lead should have at least 8 years’ experience.
  5. Experience on similar assignments (submit LPO, Contracts, clearance certificates etc;)
  6. Contacts of 3 organizations that have recently (but preferably the last 3 years) contracted the firm/consultant(s) to carry out similar assignments. Recommendation letters from other organizations where similar consultancy has been executed in the County is preferable.
  7. Prove of access to test pumping and camera inspection equipment
  8. Attach firm/sole proprietor registration documents i.e. certificates of incorporation and business permit as proof of active business operation
  9. Tax compliance certificate with the Government and KRA Pin.
  10. Methodology and timeframe detailing activities and a schedule/work plan (including a Gantt chart), in line with the timeframe provided in this TOR and with consideration for the time it will take for Plan to review documents (inception etc.) before finalization.
  11. 3 years audited financial reports (2020-2022)/1-year bank statement showing firm’s financial position
  12. Any proposed staff to assist in the assignment including the professional and academic certificates and CVs.

Financial proposal.

The financial proposal shall be prepared and submitted by the consulting firms and shall contain the following.

  1. A submission letter indicating the total fees as contained in the financial documents enclosed.
  2. Summary of costs.
    1. Breakdown of consultancy professional fees - based on the man days/months of personnel being proposed to undertake this assignment to its fruition.
    2. Breakdown of any reimbursable costs or expenses that the consulting firm expects to incur during this assignment. Unit rates for each reimbursable as well as the projected total cost of the same, based on past experience of such works, should be detailed in totality to enable the client make a competitive choice of award.
    3. Breakdown of 2% VAT and 5% withholding consultancy fee of the gross amount
  3. Any miscellaneous expenses that may be expected
  4. A final total contract sum MUST be submitted with a list of assumption made to obtain the figure - the bidder should carefully consider this as this figure will be used for cost comparison and award purposes.

Tender Evaluation

The evaluation will take into consideration the submitted technical documents displaying the technical competency of the firm, the real presentation delivered by each firm on their understanding on the scope of works and the price quoted for the works.

The evaluation committee appointed by DRC shall evaluate the proposals based on their responsiveness to the Terms of Reference.

The evaluation of this tender shall be conducted in three stages as follows.

i. Preliminary evaluation

ii. Technical evaluation

iii. Financial evaluation

Preliminary Evaluation

  • Certificate of registration/ incorporation (for firm or sole proprietor).
  • Active KRA PIN
  • Business permit for County where the firm/consultant is operating.
  • Valid Tax compliance certificate
  • Copy of ID/Passport for company owner/Director
  • CR12 form
  • Fully filled tender dossier
  • Practicing license with EBK for lead consultant or firm

Please find complete bidding documents in the following link: CONSULTANCY ON HYDRAULIC MODELLING & HYDRAULIC DESIGN

How to apply

Firms are required to follow submission accompanying this TOR. This advice details the addressee of the tender, the time and date of tender closure and the location of the tender box.

Both Technical and Financial proposals should be submitted together in one envelope clearly marked “HYDRAULIC MODELLING & HYDRAULIC DESIGN INCLUDING CAMERA INSPECTION AND TEST PUMPING FOR KUHUMATO, KIWANJANI AND BARKIN WATER SUPPLY PROJECTS’’ and addressed to;

The Procurement Unit

DRC East Africa & Great Lakes Region

Lower Kabete Road (Ngecha road Junction)

P.O. Box 14762-00800 Westlands

Nairobi, Kenya

so as to be received on or before 8th May 2023 AT 1700HRS EAT.

Tender prices must remain valid for 90 days from the date of tender closing.

On the set date for opening, all appropriately labelled tenders will be opened in the presence of bidders or their representatives (should they choose to attend) and checked for compliance (both technical and financial proposals submitted) and accepted bids will be announced publicly. The financial proposal will be also opened and the proposed total cost for each bidder will be declared and recorded.