The Greatest Enemy of Knowledge is not Ignorance, it is the Illusion of Knowledge

When you believe that you already know all there is to know about a subject, chances are that you become complacent, fail to seek new information, challenge your own belief, to finally restrict progress in understanding and limit decision making. 
Overcoming the illusion of knowledge requires self-awareness, willingness to accept new information, to recognise that our understanding of the world is always evolving, and there are more to it than what meets the eyes. 
Strategies those can help you here and allow to expand your understanding of the world around you: 
# Be willing to question your own assumptions: One of the biggest risks of the illusion of knowledge is assuming you know everything there is to know about a subject. Instead, make a habit of questioning your own assumptions and being open to new information. 
# Seek out diverse perspectives: Engage with people who have different backgrounds and experiences from your own. This can help you gain new insights, and challenge your existing assumptions. 
# Stay curious: Cultivate a sense of curiosity and a desire to learn. This can help you stay open to new information and avoid becoming complacent in your understanding of a subject. 
# Be comfortable with uncertainty: Recognize that there are often many unknowns when it comes to complex topics. Instead of trying to force certainty where it doesn't exist, be comfortable with ambiguity and remain open to new information. 
# Practice critical thinking: Develop your critical thinking skills by questioning the evidence and arguments presented to you. This can help you avoid accepting information blindly and encourage you to seek out additional information when necessary. 
# Recognize your limitations: Be honest with yourself about your own limitations and areas of expertise. When you encounter a subject that is beyond your current knowledge or experience, be willing to ask questions and seek out expert guidance. 
Confidence helps establishing a great connect between knowledge and skill, to live life better and be successful, and overconfidence kills it with a big surprise. Watch out the video to see it happening…

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