Segera Retreat Social Officer Job Vacancy in Kenya

Segera Retreat

Position Title: Social Officer

Location: Based on Segera

Reporting to: Human Resource Manager (HRM)

About Segera: Segera Retreat is a private 50,000-acre wildlife conservancy and award-winning eco-safari retreat in Kenya, East Africa.

Segera is a treasured haven for Kenya’s most celebrated wildlife species, where a holistic approach to wellness ensures a revitalizing and authentic safari experience for its guests.

Segera is a Long Run Destination.

Long Run Destinations are carefully selected by the Zeitz Foundation for their commitment to enacting the 4Cs – conservation, community, culture, and commerce.

Goals and Objectives: The role of the Social Officer is very important to Segera as the individual will take the lead in the implementation of work-life balance guidelines, coordination of recreational activities for staff members, managing the staff village, in addition to advising, guiding and supporting people and
culture related functions within the organization.

The ideal applicant for this role is someone who has specialized in Social Sciences and is used to personnel management and has practical working experience handling Social Welfare related duties in similar organizations.

The primary responsibilities of the position will be housing allocation protocols, management of hygiene and cleanliness within the staff village, inventory management of the staff village, housing and canteen / staff shop.

This person will also liaise with HR to develop a framework to maximize staff support and awareness with regard to diversity and inclusion, and substance abuse related workshops and events.

Reporting to the Human Resource Manager (HRM), the bearer of this office is expected to engage at both a strategic and operational level whilst ensuring high standards of service delivery and remaining a team player.

Duties and Responsibilities:

You will be required to participate in or independently complete the following tasks while heading
the staff welfare committee:

1. Increase staff awareness and information about the company’s social and recreational opportunities.

2. Contribute to new staff induction training with regard to housing allocation, producing a guide to various amenities available at the company, and developing links with local resources as appropriate.

3. Convene representative staff welfare committees to improve recreational and social opportunities for employees.

4. Develop regular recreational activities for staff by planning and scheduling staff activities such as sports, entertainment and educational events

5. Work in partnership with administration to secure a staff recreation space and equipment as needed.

6. Participate in the development of the Welfare Unit’s expertise, profile, and capacity by identifying growth opportunities.

7. Act as a non-clinical counseling resource to any staff member requiring non-judgmental support and assistance in resolving any personal and/or work-related problem(s) in consultation with the HRM as necessary.

8. Managing the staff village allocations at Kambi Ndege and Chui 2 and developing and implementing protocols for the same.

9. Inspect the staff accommodation to ensure that hygiene and health and safety regulations are met, carrying out risk assessments as necessary.

10. Ensure the smooth running of accommodation and staff facilities including managing the staff shop, canteen, food storage and staff village housing inventory.

11. Leverage employee strengths to inspire quality and productivity through organizing motivational workshops, yoga classes, sports, events, etc. to help staff achieve more and support their life balance experience.

12. Liaising with the HR office in regard to gender equity, diversity and inclusion, religious freedom and substance abuse related workshops and events.

13. Other ad hoc duties as assigned.

Competencies / Skills and Qualifications

  • At least five years’ experience in planning large scale recreational and welfare events
  • A bachelor’s degree in Sociology, Social Work, Social Science or similar discipline.
  • In lieu of an advanced university degree, a relevant combination of two years related experience and education in a closely related area of expertise can be considered.
  • A self-starter/someone who is capable of working on their own.
  • Strong related background and work experience in a multi-cultural setting, particularly initiating and encouraging participation in welfare/social activities
  • Excellent organizational, attention to detail, and a “can-do” optimistic attitude, communication and computer skills
  • Ability to coordinate and consult with other relevant specialist services within the Organization in accordance with its cross-cutting functional scope
  • Works collaboratively with colleagues to achieve organizational goals
  • Ability to solve problems, maintain accurate records, and meet deadlines
  • Fluency in English (both oral and written) is required; fluency in Swahili is an advantage.

How to Apply

Those who meet the above qualifications should submit their applications through to reach the Human Resource Manager on or before 29th December 2022.

Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted.

Segera is a founding member of the Long Run Destinations.

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