Review of YGLOBAL’s Project Consultancy Opportunty in Kenya – Interfaith Engagement of Youth to Prevent Effects of Religious Marginalization

Terms of Reference: Review of YGLOBAL’s Project ‘GLO-3778 QZA-17/0002: Interfaith Engagement of Youth to Prevent Effects of Religious Marginalization for Peace and Justice in Kenya’

Introduction: This Terms of Reference (ToR) provides the framework for the Review of the Norad-funded Project titled ‘Interfaith engagement of youth to prevent effects of religious marginalization for peace and justice in Kenya’ (Agreement number GLO-3778 QZA-17/0002).

The Project was initiated in April 2017 and is due to end in December 2022.

Scope of Review: The Review is being undertaken as part of the approved annual plans 2022 for the Project.

It will identify the lessons learnt and areas of improvement for future interventions including exit strategies for the sustainability of the impact made.

This evaluation will focus on the advocacy outcomes and the holistic approach of the Project.

A major focus will be on youth participation and engagement at policy level to prevent and counter religious extremism and in promoting peaceful coexistence.

Another emphasis will be on how youth engagement has strengthened interfaith and peace building efforts at local and national levels.

It will contribute to results-based management through a participatory approach that documents lessons learnt in relation to results achieved, challenges to progress, and contributions to the creation of a more conducive environment for addressing needs of the target groups.

The Review will be commissioned to an external consultant with support from YWCA Kenya and KFUK-KFUM Global (YGlobal).

Review Objectives

The Review will mainly focus on Relevance (including youth participation and their policy engagement) as well as Effectiveness of the Project implementation during April 2020 to November 2022 and will assess such delivery at the output and outcome levels (major emphasis being on outcome level), taking into account factors both internal and external to the project’s performance.

The Review team will:

  • Analyze the relevance of the Project strategy and approaches. The analysis will also touch base upon the context of COVID-19 in 2020 and 2021 and National Elections 2022.This will also be reviewed in line with the County Action Plans on preventing and countering violent extremism (PCVE), with a greater focus on the role and relevance of YWCA Kenya as the lead organization on the Ideological pillar.
  • Determine if the Project is on track to achieve anticipated outcomes and if it could be incorporated within other existing projects.
  • Analyze the engagement of young people in local and national policy advocacy, with an emphasis on analyzing youth empowerment and their role in the Interfaith Technical Working Groups. This will also include determining stakeholders’ role and perceptions about the project and how the project coordinates with other relevant actors.
  • Based on the performance of the Project to date and the current socio-political and economic as well as COVID-19 context, document lessons learned and recommend any necessary adjustments needed to meet expected and realistic project outcomes and impact and enhance sustainability. Moreover, also make recommendations for future programming.

Subject of The Review

The anticipated Project impact is to Empower young people to counter religious marginalization and extremism through inter-faith dialogue and youth economic empowerment.

The Project has three outcomes:

i. Enhanced capacity of youth to effectively engage in interfaith dialogues and campaigns to counter religious extremism

ii. Platform for interfaith dialogue and sharing of common values among youth and religious institutions created and institutionalized

iii. Young people have improved livelihoods from employment and entrepreneurship preventing their involvement in inter-faith conflict

Budget: 4,755,000 NOK for 2017-2020; Additional 1,187,000 NOK has been received each year for 2021 and 2022.

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Bids submission information

Interested applicants must send a proposal for undertaking the review to the Head of Programs, YWCA Kenya on email: with a copy to Sadaf Wali Shah (Grants Coordinator, YGlobal) at by 02nd November 2022.

Any questions can also be directed at this email address.

The application should contain:

  • Profile of the lead consultant(s) with traceable references and copies of/links to CVs and previous writing and published materials.
  • A layout and a breakdown of how the consultant(s) understand and plan to carry out the assignment.
  • Professional fee quotation indicating envisaged actions, the requested fee for the work in the job description.
  • Motivation letter.