Project Planning, Management, Monitoring & Evaluation Training for Organization’s Staff Consultancy Opportunity in Kenya

Project Planning, Management, Monitoring & Evaluation Training for Organization’s Staff

Terms of Reference

Title: Organization Systems Strengthening

Subject: Project Planning, Management**,** Monitoring & Evaluation Training for HealthRight Kenya staff

Duration of task: 5 Days

  1. Background and General Guidelines


HealthRight Kenya (HRK) is a health and human rights organization whose mission is to empower marginalized communities to live healthy lives. We achieve lasting change for marginalized populations through locally built and owned solutions; equitable access to health services; and better health outcomes for marginalized populations. For more than a decade, have been using a rights-based approach to HealthRight, working with local government and implementing the national government’s community engagement strategy in more 10 counties across Kenya. HealthRight has also demonstrated its ability to forge relationships from the community level right up to the county level in the most remote and impoverished areas of the country.

HRK is seeking services of a reputable consulting firm/individual to train its staff on the fundamentals of Monitoring and Evaluation as following:

  • Concepts of Project management
  • Management and leadership
  • Project Cycle management
  • Key M&E concepts
  • Basics of monitoring and evaluation framework/design
  • Monitoring and evaluation tools (Surveys, monitoring and evaluation).
  • Types of data; primary, secondary, quantitative and qualitative.
  • Online data collection systems; ODK, KOBO etc.
  • data analysis and interpretation
  • Use of project data in strategic decision making for HRK projects
  1. Specific Learning Objectives of the Training

HealthRight Kenya seeks to develop a functional project management and MEAL system and capacity that will provide organizational capacity to:

  • Enhance capacity for HRK staff to develop project/program management skills.
  • Improve leadership capacity within the projects
  • To improve understanding of M&E concepts among key organizational staff in Nairobi and other field sites
  • To improve understanding of basic statistical concepts in data analysis.
  • To build skills in basic data analysis and interpretation, data presentation, and data feedback.
  • To increase understanding of practical approaches to improving the use of M&E data in programmes’ decision making.

3.0. Expected outputs


The consultant will be required to submit;

  • A high quality, comprehensive training concept and schedule;

  • Pre- and post-test results analysis for the staff undergoing training

  • A full workshop report capturing the following;

    1. Key outcomes of the training
    2. Other proceedings of the training
    3. Recommendations from the training
  • Organizational M&E Capacity report.

  • Organizational project planning and management capacity report.

  1. Consultant’s Capacity

HealthRight Kenya will engage a qualified consultant to provide the services described in this TOR. The qualification shall include;

  • A minimum of bachelor’s degree in arts or science with specific qualifications in Monitoring and evaluation, Community development, public health and project management or advanced University degree in non-profit management, international relations or monitoring and evaluation.
  • A minimum of 5 years’ experience in training or capacity development in the public health or international development sector, specifically in the area of Monitoring & Evaluation for donor-related projects or organizations in Kenya
  • Excellent communication skills including in presentations, report writing and research
  • Excellent spoken and written English
  • Good judgement, pays attention to nuance and detail, takes initiative, high sense of responsibility, tact and discretion, with sensitivity to different cultures.
  1. Supervision

The Consultant will be expected to be self-motivated and able to work independently. Supervision and support will be provided by the Country Director and Senior Management Team who will also provide a general induction to the work, relevant background documents, and links to the relevant entities and/ or individuals across the wider organization and outside of it

How to apply

Please include with your quote:

  • A letter of interest.
  • A technical and financial offer showing the interpretation of the Terms of Reference and indicating a detailed training plan and methodology to deliver the training.
  • CV(s) showing previous relevant experience

Deadline for Applications:

7th October 2022

How to apply: Applications to be sent to