Cezam and Associates Internship Program Opportunities

Cezam and Associates Limited (HLB CEZAM) seeks to introduce an internship program in the areas of Program Management, Project Development, Monitoring and Evaluation, Finance and Operations and Public Relations.

The interns will receive mentorship, coaching and will be assigned tasks on a day-to-day basis.

The internship program aims to develop the capacity of youth to work in community-based projects and to acquire employability skills.

This internship program is in support of the Kenya Government’s Youth initiative to develop a pool of young talentfor the Kenyan Labour Market.


HLB CEZAM is a professional services firm registered in Kenya in 2002 and is an independent member of the HLB International network.

HLB CEZAM provides quality and personalized services to local and international organizations executing business in Kenya with clientele drawn from Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises (SMEs); Private and family-owned enterprises; and Donor and Government agencies.

HLB CEZAM partners with various clients in the areas of program management, audit, accounting, taxation and secretarial services.

Since 2011, the firm has been implementing an enterprise development program across the country through a partnership facility.

These are locally owned/led enterprises in Kenya pursuing Food Security through rain-fed and irrigated crop farming and animal production with applicable value addition and marketing, micro-lending, youth initiatives and innovations, and off-grid energy.

Served clients are all gender-inclusive, youth and women supportive programming.

Through the Internship Program, HLB CEZAM seeks to contribute to the development of human capital of the youth by empowering the youth to productively contribute to sustainable development both nationally and regionally; take up management and leadership roles; make informed and competent choices; and develop a sense of wellbeing.

HLB CEZAM recognizes that even though young people experience some common career developmental challenges, their backgrounds, experiences, interests, gender, requirements and cultures are diverse.

HLB CEZAM’s commitment to Youth Development is aligned with the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) human development perspective which emphasizes the richness of human life and focuses on creating fair opportunities and choices for all persons.

The firm is committed to improving the lives of young people and ensuring that the youth learn, get opportunities to practice and to lead, thus, giving them more opportunities to live the lives they value.

Required Qualifications

Those seeking internship in either Program Management, Project Development, Monitoring and Evaluation, Finance and Operations or Public Relations should have a formal Master’s degree with evidence of certificate and approved thesis/project in relevant area of interest.

Those seeking Finance roles should have a relevant academic Degree and CPA (K) finalist qualification.

All applicants must be aged between 24 and 35 years.


Successful candidates will be engaged and mentored for a period of 2 months, both remotely and in-person at the HLB CEZAM Program Office in Nairobi, Kenya and, as might apply, across different field locations within Kenya.


Your duties, learning and exposure schedule will be shared with yourself at the time of engagement.


You will report to the HLB CEZAM Program Manager and work with different HLB CEZAM Program Staff from time to time.


This is a non-remunerated role. However, a transport stipend not exceeding Kes. 12,000 per month will be allocated to you, subject to applicable statutory deductions.

Statutory deductions include contributions to NHIF which enable the intern to access healthcare services.


Due to the nature and geographical locations of some of HLB CEZAM’s clients, although this type of travelling will not be a mandatory requirement, you may be encouraged, but not required to travel to various field locations, outside of Nairobi, during the period of your engagement.

During such travels, full travel cost will be provided according to HLB CEZAM rates.

Where the travel involves use of Donor funded/Partner owned vehicles, you will be always required to sign a waiver of liability to HLB CEZAM and any/all of HLB CEZAM’s Donors/Partners – in case of any incident during such travels.

A waiver form will be availed at the time of engagement and thereafter signed at actual travels depending on the applicable vehicle ownership/funding.


Those interested should submit an application letter and their curriculum vitae with a day time telephone number; email; and names with contact addresses of three referees (also includes day time telephone number and email addresses).

Applications should be sent to info@cezam-usadf.org, with a cc to l.kimani@cezam-usadf.org and must have in Bold on the Subject Line the area of interest e.g. Program Management, Project Development, Monitoring and Evaluation, Finance, Operations and Public Relations).

These should reach HLB CEZAM by 5.00pm June 7, 2022.

Only email applications will be accepted.