Bakery Supervisor Job Vacancy in Maua, Meru

Position Title: Bakery Supervisor

Location: Maua, Meru

Job Summary: The job holder will ensure smooth operation of the bakery for optimum productivity and staff satisfaction.

Key Responsibilities


  • Daily production planning at end of day for following day. Review of sales patterns to ensure no stock out and minimum excess production to avoid over-production; while taking into account inventory on hand
  • Assign staff based on production plan and ensure responsible staff sign plan vs actual production to track staff not meeting production plan
  • Ensure production plan and actual production have been correctly booked into the system with any variances reported and explained for rectification on daily basis
  • Ensure raw materials for production for the following day have been signed for at end of previous day from store clerk, booked in system and kept aside to reduce time wastage for production the following day
  • Ensure all production has been correctly transferred from the bakery branch in the system to the supermarket branch in the system on a daily basis.
  • Minimize wastage of raw material through close supervision of bakers to not exceed recipes without approval and justification for the same.
  • Minimize expiries by ensuring review of bakery sales reviewed on a daily basis and stock on hand are taken into account for production planning
  • Minimize damages by ensuring organized production flow within the bakery.
  • Quality control to ensure standards of production are maintained by oversight & sampling
  • Ensure whenever actual production is below production plan, raw materials not utilized are returned to the store and recorded on the system on a daily basis
  • Ensure frequent product innovation is done to test new products to differentiate from competition through sampling / feedback process of customers

Inventory Control

  • Daily reconciliation (with inventory control team) of raw materials, production, stock on hand such that system balances and physical match; with any variances recorded and investigated for explanation and rectification in the system.
  • Daily stocktake of all packaging material used in the bakery to ensure any damages or losses are properly recorded
  • Thorough weekly stocktake together with inventory control team with findings used for process improvement.
  • Weekly audit of the recipes in the system to ensure they match with actual raw material usage in production.
  • Weekly audit the system is correctly deducting the raw materials as per recipes when production is booked
  • Ensure bar codes attached to products at customer service point match with products being served through periodic checks and working with internal security / inventory control teams to monitor

Hygiene & Food Handling

  • Face masks, head gear worn at all times in production and customer service areas
  • Clean uniforms worn at all times
  • Washing of hands start of day and frequently throughout course of the day
  • Only filtered water used in production process
  • Staff serving customers to use gloves at all times
  • Personal hygiene of staff high at all times
  • Ensure all staff have current medical certificates
  • Ensure practice of continuous cleaning of production areas, floor, customer service points and display areas
  • Establish schedule for frequent and thorough cleaning of all equipment used in the bakery. In the case of machines as per guidance of the vendor or service team

Staff Management

  • Monthly performance review to assess staff on production plan vs production, damages, production quality, recording of production, food handling and hygiene
  • Ensure staff discipline on time keeping, presentation, productivity
  • Effective management of bakery staff issues while ensuring management kept updated and informed
  • Create enabling environment for staff to openly articulate their challenges to ensure business can support where possible to maximize on performance

Cost Control

  • Periodic review, at least monthly, of how we can reduce costs of recipes used in production without compromising on quality
  • Periodic review, at least monthly, of how we can reduce operating costs like fuel, electricity, water, cleaning materials etc
  • Minimize wastage of resources by ensuring machines not in use are switched off, lights not in use are switched off, water taps are kept closed
  • efficient utilization of equipment for example ensuring trolleys in oven are at maximum capacity; frier usage etc
  • damages and expiries to be charged to respective staff
  • minimize stock loss through effective follow through of inventory control procedures
  • efficient staff management to ensure we maximize on staff productivity and leveraging supermarket staff on non-peak periods to assist in packaging etc

Customer Service

  • Frequent engagement with customers on product quality and products they would want us to add or improve
  • Ensure the customer service area maintained to highest cleaning and presentation standards to enhance customer experience and visuals
  • Ensure customer service area is always well covered and during peak periods staff organized to minimize on queues

Sales & Profitability Growth

  • Product innovation to enhance demand through customer activations
  • Maximize production capacity
  • Minimize costs
  • Bakery team to all receive bonus for meeting sales targets which will be reviewed on a monthly basis
  • Special bonus for supervisor for growth event cakes and innovative product design which will be reviewed on a monthly basis
  • Bonuses pegged on ensuring procedures highlighted above have been followed with exceptions having proper explanations.


  • Bachelor’s Degree or Diploma in food and beverage production or a related course.
  • A minimum of three years’ experience in a busy bakery. Experience within a supermarket is an added advantage
  • Ability to integrate business to dynamic technological trends, be Self-motivated and ability to develop, manage and motivate own team.
  • Self-motivated and able to work and respond to the needs of the business; Able to work alone as well as part of a team; Able to prioritize work and meet deadlines; Able to work accurately under pressure

How to Apply

All applications to be sent to